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a house divided

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posted Friday, 15 July 2011

After I posted yesterday's entry, we got our first HOH reveal of the feeds. I got my perp walk screencaps, so I was happy. Jordan got all her HOH goodies and a letter from home so she was happy. All the HGs did their duty and ooh'ed and ahh'ed over the room.

perp walk


In other news, Brendon and Rachel continued their dysfunctional disintegration. They revisited the cosmetic surgery issue with Brendon saying they were going to have to have a "serious discussion" about Rachel wanting botox. As he went on about how she didn't need any procedures, she countered with the same point from her DR session: she doesn't hear him complaining about her implants. He comes back with the point that he would feel the same way about her with or without them. They go a few rounds on this, with him harping on how her behavior is embarrassing him (conveniently forgetting his own embarrassing behavior) and her simultaneously telling him not to treat her like a child and begging him not to leave her or anything.

rach brend

Today they played the food comp, which was apparently very physical. Sounds like it had something to do with the partners being tied together and there was a lot of people falling on top of one another. A number of them came in with a harm (©BB6/7James) or two. Rachel/Brendon won the comp. (shocker) and got to pick the Notties for the week. It sounds like they did some sort of rock-paper-scissors thing to decide and ended up with Shelly/Cassi and Adam/Dom. The alliterative additions are jerky and jellybeans.

harm jb

Nominations go as planned...Adam/Dom go up, with the plan for now being to kick Dom. The re-runs are still trying to perpetuate the idea that Adam was one of the flipped votes to keep the suspicion off of Shelly. At the same time they don't want the newbies to think that Adam has struck a deal, so anytime it comes up, they just say they have no idea how anyone voted. After hearing enough of them deny that Adam has a deal Cassi comes to the conclusion that he wasn't the hinky voter and therefore it must be....Lawon. And Shelly continues to be the Teflon houseguest.



But the house continues to be split pretty much right down the middle. The newbies generally hole up in the have-not room (they've discovered it's a great place to talk since the padded walls muffle everything. The re-runs are considered the "upstairs people." Even though only one at a time is HOH, they do all spend an awful lot of time up there. Then there's Daniele, bouncing between the two groups. The golden key makes her almost a non-entity for 4 weeks and she continues to use that time to get in good with everyone.



shel cass


Lines of the Day

Daniele: You guys can talk about this all day if you want. None of it matters until after POV.
Porsche (about Shelly): I genuinely like her. She cleans and everything.
Dominic: He came to us and asked "how's the house voting?" and the house is like "for you."
Adam: Why can't Jordan be someone I could hate more?
Jordan (feed started in the middle of a convo): ...we looked at each other like 'did we just do it?' he goes 'yeah, we did.' And then later I called my mom...
Rachel: You told your mom the first time you and Jeff and sex?!
Jordan: Yeah.
BB: Please refridgerate the perishable vegetables.
Adam/Lawon/Jeff (and me): That's a new one.
Daniele (to Brendon): Would you stop waving that zucchini at me? It makes me really uncomfortable.


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