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The Days of Big Brother 8

bb8Logo Big Brother 8 - Summer 2007


BB8 Day 1


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Daily Index

Tuesday, September 18

the end is here

final analysis

Monday, September 17

it's all fun and games until someone loses half a million dollars

Thursday, September 13

year of the Donatos

Wednesday, September 12    

and ding-ding, there's round 2 done

clang, and end round 1

this could go all night

Tuesday, September 11

one more week

Friday, September 7

damn skippy

Thursday, September 6

and then there were four

Wednesday, September 5

the Tool is dead, long live the Tool

hey, yea! it's Jedi Janie!

Monday, September 3

the more things change

Saturday, September 1

is there a doctor in the house?

Thursday, August 30

and so it begins....

Tuesday, August 28

it's so sad....

Monday, August 27

snooze fest 2007

Sunday, August 26


Friday, August 24

booyah, again

Wednesday, August 22

it's a bad sign...

Tuesday, August 21

the producers reserve the right...

Sunday, August 19

smoke 'em if you've got 'em

Happy Birthday, Daniele

Saturday, August 18

odd day

Friday, August 17

say what?

Thursday, August 16

things are gonna get excitin'!

Wednesday, August 15

Princess Pawned

Monday, August 13

pot-banging pays off

Saturday, August 11

so far, not so much

Friday, August 10

tool time

Wednesday, August 8

we won't know until we know

Monday, August 6

bunnies, bunnies everywhere

banner day

Saturday, August 4

liar, liar pants on fire!

Friday, August 3

dude, you're a Tool!

oh, dani girl

da plane! da plane!

Thursday, August 2

herd those nerds

Wednesday, August 1

houseguests, the power is up for grabs

thoughts, tidbits, and temptations

 Tuesday, July 31

something's slanted here

Monday, July 30

the sh!t hath hiteth the fan!

editorial comments

Sunday, July 29

what would jameka do?

Saturday, July 28

All About Amber

Friday, July 27

what's that bus doin' here?

Thursday, July 26

what was that?

where we stand today

Wednesday, July 25

creep factor

Tuesday, July 24

putting the reality back into reality TV

Monday, July 23

see Dick play

Thursday, July 19

dick at height

are they trying to tell us something?

Wednesday, July 18

we interrupt your regularly scheduled nervousing.....

Tuesday, July 17

Joe's pun intended

Sunday, July 15

I mean, like, no offense....

Friday, July 13

Neither a borrower nor a lender be....

Thursday, July 12

I see dead hamsters

Tuesday, July 10

tuesday night waffling

no soup for you!

Monday, July 9

america's lamer

Sunday, July 8

it's showtime

Saturday, July 7

the cameras follow me everywhere!

Friday, July 6

and so it begins...

Thursday, July 5

and now


Thursday, June 28

but first....

Monday, June 25

digging in

Thursday, June 21

a fortnight to go

Tuesday, June 12

this life is only a test

Sunday, June 10

so, what do we know?

Friday, June 8

mysti says...relax

Wednesday, June 6

I seem to have spoken too soon

Tuesday, June 5

and the countdown begins