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posted Wednesday, 25 July 2007

So, at the end of Dick and Daniele's big talk the other night, he did toss in a little bit of game chat.  I left it out of my entry b/c it wasn't really about that, and I was trying to be kind to both of them.  It went something like this:

Dick(speaking quickly): Who do you think will win HOH?  I'd like to see maybe Jessica, I like her.  Do you like Jessica?
Dani(still sniffling): Umhmm
Dick: She's like a little ray of sunshine in the house. I like her a lot.

Okay, fine.  Jessica is a little ray of sunshine and all that.  But there was still something about the way he said it that bugged me.  It didn't seem to really be just "I like her as a person/in the game."  She's literally the age of his daughter, so....that would be creepy.  And if he's sort of looking at her like a daughter, that was a totally insensitive thing to say to his actual daughter right after their big emotional meltdown.  I took it as the latter and it bugged me, but then....

I tune in to find Dick giving Jessica a backrub.  (Technically this happened before the "talk," but it's important to my point--don't want to be like the CBS editors, though.) The cameradude focuses right in on them too, as Dick says "Tell me if I'm too hard for you." Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  But check out the expression on her face.

backrub    closeup    scowl?

Also, as Dick and Dani are being super-serious on 2 feeds, Eric and Jessica are having fun on the other 2...she's a cheerleader, so I'm actually most impressed by his skill.  It's adorable, and they both are having a blast.  As is their audience (in the house and on the feeds).

spin    supergirl

So last night, I tune in to find Jess and Eric in the bubble bath.  They're having fun, and don't mind the audience of Dick.  But he seems like he's about to climb in with them.  It's kind of like last year when Howie would try to insert himself into a Will and Janie moment.  The bath lasts a loooong time, and Dick goes downstairs and tries to stir up a little bit of rumouring. After bath time he's all over Jessica again, this time getting her in on his tampering with the kitchen faucet.  Ironically, it is later Dani who gets soaked.

bath buddies  faucet

Later on the beer arrives, and Dick's first comment is "Jessica will be so happy."  They all race to the storage room, and then Jess, Zach and Mike start in on some age appropriate drinking games, while Dick goes outside to enjoy his beer and cigarettes.  Later on he joins in the reindeer games and continues to creep me out.

jess    beer     drinking games

Then my power went out.  Though that has nothing to do with anything, it did mean that I didn't actually see what went on the rest of the night.  But I wake up this morning to find them all tucked into bed (no Dick @ Nite show?) and read in the updates that Jessica got called to the DR at one point, came out all upset and Dick and Eric practically raced to comfort her.  It seems Eric got there first and managed to cheer her up (I gather that the DR asked about the bath and somehow offended/upset her).  Later on they're back to playing; he rolls her up in a blanket and drags her around the house and whatnot...sorry no screen caps due my general lack of electricity.

Don't get me wrong...I'm still rooting for Dick.  He's definitely one of the most entertaining hamsters this year.  We got a nice show from him last night rockin' out in the HOH room (no audio made it even more amusing).  But he's just going to have to not be creepy.  Now a Beauty and the Geek showmance w/Jessica and Eric....that could be fun.  Next Tool Task, anyone?

dick rocks     pippy and the tool


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