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posted Tuesday, 24 July 2007

It was admittedly well timed for Showtime, but last night we got what felt like a very real conversation between Dick and Daniele.  Throughout the day he'd said that he had overreacted to things on Sunday night, shouldn't have gone off on the ppl in HOH, etc.  I'm not sure what brought him into the little room where Daniele was sitting on her bed, but I tuned in just as they were getting started.  They talked about how hard it was to be there, how it was harder to enjoy the game w/all the personal stuff always just beneath the surface.  She cried a lot, he cried a little.  I felt a little like we shouldn't be watching.  But then, they did sign up for this.  Though maybe not quite for this.

dick    daniele    dad


A lot of things were said that struck me as very real.  He doesn't get why she shuts him out, he knows he's not a perfect father, admits he's made mistakes, but he's tried.  She doesn't think it's up to her to fix things, says he's the adult.  One thing she said that really struck me was something about how when someone has done or said something that really hurt, something that you'll never forget how deeply it affected you, and then they can't even remember it, it hurts even more.  They talked about real things, when she wouldn't return his phone calls, when he tried to be more of a friend than a parent.  They admitted mistakes, and defended themselves.  They each acknowledged that they don't really understand the other's perspective.

 eye    head

Dick said many times, "I love you very much, Daniele."  He talked about how much he has missed her, even in the game, when they're in the same house and she keeps her distance.  He said he thinks about her every day, and there's a hole in his life without her.  It was a little melodramatic, but yet it seemed sincere.  She mostly sat there with her hands over her face, not saying anything, not looking at him.  It all fits what we know about them.  He's a bit over the top, never afraid to speak his mind.  She's a bit cautious and careful of people, but emotional.  She's hurt and she feels he hasn't been there for her.  He knows she feels that way, but he feels that he's tried and doesn't know what to do.

 I love you very much    hide

Some people are saying that the whole thing seems staged, that it's like a soap opera.  Well, I know that it could be real b/c I've been there.  I've lived through things that sound like soap opera plotlines, including something very similar to what we're seeing here with Dick and Daniele.  If it is staged, that's probably why I'm buying it.  And if it's not, that's probably why I get it.  When I first heard about this "twist" I thought that was a terrible thing to do to people on national TV.  When I started to get the idea that they were in on the secret, I felt a little better.  But no matter what, this was real.  She needed a hug.  He needed a hug.  Heck, we all needed a hug.  And finally we got one.

 hug 1    hug 2


Just like the shouting the night before, I suspect there's a little bit of this that is "made for TV,"  but there's got to be some reality there too.  Because if they are completely acting, these people both deserve Emmys.   I've said it since the first night of the feeds--I like Dick a lot more than I expected.  Anyone who arranges the topiary bunnies and talks directly to us each night (morning) is someone I want in the BB house.  So if the drama is all part of the show, good job! And if it's not, good luck.  I hope it all works out.


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