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posted Monday, 23 July 2007

It's been a few days since I've managed to blog, but surprisingly little had happened on the feeds until last night.  But I'll start where we left off, all the same.

Thursday night, HOH reveal.  The perp walk was blocked from the feeds, so you'll have to settle for screen caps of the reverse perp walk.  Since they're not changing the room this year, it's only interesting to see what pictures and other goodies they get.  Dick's got pics of little Daniele, and some of his famous friends.  He gets Ben & Jerry's which Jen (who did prove the better sport)  kindly points out he should take down to the freezer toute suite, since it won't fit in the bitty one in the HOH fridge, more goodies, including Guinness, which he's been talking about for a while now.  He tells everyone to feel free to eat the snacks, and re-states that he's not using the bed.  He doesn't want to be like Kail, holed up in HOH all week, and even though the bed's up for grabs, it's pretty clear Jen and Kail don't get it for the 3rd week running.  Esp. since he tells pretty much everyone that J & K are going up.

hoh    baby dani    reverse perp walk    hugging dick

Friday brings no surprises.  They do the food comp. which was of the "win food for the house/no slop" variety.  They accidentally get sweetbreads, apparently thinking it was some kind of pastry.  Nominations go as expected.  Friday is also Jameka's birthday.  They've been mentioning this for days, hinting about a party, etc.  But BB blows her off, and tells her they'll do something on Sunday night.  The HGs celebrate with her anyway.   Meanwhile, Dick has a long talk in the dark with Kail.  She's mopeing, and totally "throwing Jen under the bus." (©BB3/7 Danielle, or possibly Dr. Phil)  Dick leaves, Jen swoops in.  Kail keeps saying she wants to rest up for veto, but Jen keeps talking at her.

jam    dick at dark    hug

Saturday morning,  BB wakes them up early for POV (apparently, based on Nick's humming the wake-up song was Queen's "Under Pressure").  Nick has a harm (©BB6/7 James), and Daniele plays nursemaid.  They all quickly realize there's no reason to be up this early and wander back to bed.  Eventually they do play POV, and Jen wins.  They still haven't figured out to wear the veto for our benefit....and probably won't unless production clues them in.  From the conversations, I gather that it was some sort of mini-endurance comp, and it came down to Dick and Jen.  Then it would seem that Mike made some smart-ass comment, and Dick asked if he wanted to go up.  Mike said "fine" or something, so Dick threw the comp. to Jen.  Eh?  Either Mike's on drugs, or he's tossing Kail under the aforementioned bus.  Dick and Mike have a chat about it, as they check out the grill, which they won in the food comp.

a harm    veto    kail    grill

Sunday starts out as slow as all get-out.  They sleep in until well after noon, and even when a few emerge from their beds, they basically continue to just lie around.  There's little to no conversation.  I wander off to watch the show, which was as interesting as a Sunday show ever is (that is to say, not very).  Recapping what we already know, with BBs editorial spin.  We get Dani's breakdown, and Dick's semi-sympathetic dad routine.  I think Dick came off much better on the feeds than they edited him.  The Tool's task this time is incredibly dumb.  He's supposed to "vandalize" something belonging to another hamster.  Not only is that boring, it's kind of mean.  I disapprove, but whatever.  It'll probably get him his first $10K.

Back to feeds, we now get Jameka's b-day, which was, I'm sorry to say, lame.  They got party hats and an ice cream cake.  Do they think she's turning 8?  And was their budget $25?  WTF?  BB6 birthdays were sponsored by K-Mart, and people got actual gifts and stuff.  And Boogie's birthday last year was much more impressive (IIRC there was sushi and a lot of booze....the latter for sure, b/c it led to some great drama).  I think Jameka did at least get a card/letter from her sister.  But still.  It was such a non-event, I don't even have a cap of Jameka...and the others aren't really worth bothering with.

Anyway.  Then something happens.  I'm not quite clear on what set it off.  Apparently someone (Dusting? Nick?) asked to use HOH to listen to music.  Dick handed over the key, as he's done all week.  Then Zach and Jen also ended up in the room.  Dick storms in and kicks them out, yelling something about no alliance mtgs in his HOH room.  Then he heads back to the kitchen where he'd been washing dishes with Amber.  He's sort of slamming stuff around, and she, surprise, bursts into tears.  She goes and hides in the corner, where Eric and Dustin comfort her.  Meanwhile Dick's outside having a "who can say 'fuck' more" contest with Nick (Nick's winning; at one point he says "I don't give a f**king f**k what f**king people f**king think of how the f**k I f**king act in this f**king game.")  He's quite animated.  He claims he's upset that he was kicked out of HOH for being in there w/ppl he didn't ask to join him, and now Dick doesn't trust him b/c of something that wasn't his fault.  He also keeps hitting on the point that he really likes Daniele, and he's not playing her.  Dick, for Dick, is fairly calm.  Dani keeps poking her head out and asking to talk to her Dad. He says he'll talk to her when he's done and she makes a snotty comment about how maybe she won't want to talk then.

nick    dick    dani   

eric    amber

Eventually, he summons her to HOH.  They close the door, but she stands right by it, and they start screaming at each other.  (I did later hear confirmation that everyone downstairs could hear them.)  She's mad b/c he made Amber cry, he's on about something having to do with her saying she would get her dad to evict people (the BB version of "my dad's gonna beat you up"?).  There's a little bit of personal stuff...he calls her a brat (not exactly in those words), and she says it's his fault they don't have a good relationship (again, not exact words)...she says she's done talking and he makes a snide comment about how like her that is.  She goes to cry in her room, Dustin comforts her.  Where's Nick?

fight        comfort

Dick catches up with Amber in the storage room and there's a lot of yelling about her "hammock talk" w/someone (?).  It gets to the point where I can't listen anymore b/c if Amber whines the phrase "why did you want to talk about my hammock talk" one more time, I'm going to vomit.  Besides, they're getting nowhere.  She's saying she doesn't talk game w/people in the hammock, and besides, if she does, she tells Dick about it asap, she can't believe he doesn't trust her blah, blah, blah.  He keeps saying she's in "alliance talks."  They bicker a bit more, and then finally hug it out. And Daniele finds Nick in the hammock.

d and a     hug    dani nick hammock

Here's my take: Dani and Dick has a little exchange earlier in the week about how they shouldn't appear too close, esp. now that he's won HOH and they might have to "stage a fight" sometime.  And I think that's what this was.  There was probably some truth underneath certain things that were said, but I think the point was to separate a bit.  It puts an end to alliance speculation, and it gives Dick the "I want to spend more time with my daughter to fix things" argument if either of them is put up.  Dick might also be setting up the option of using Nick as the re-nom.  Lately, he's been talking about keeping Kail b/c she's so "defeated" she won't play well and they might as well get out someone stronger now.  I think the Amber thing was inadvertent.  Dick seemed to want her to know he was pissed, but I don't think he meant her to get upset (and frankly, she way overreacted...and reinforced her role as the Drama Queen of BB8).

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