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dick at height

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posted Thursday, 19 July 2007

We got a pretty good pre-show tonight.  Lot's of primping and lots of yelling and last minute nervousing.  Jen and Kail were basically threatening Nick who was saying no way he was voting for Joe, b/c Joe had supposedly told him if he didn't and Joe stayed he was putting Nick up.  And there was apparently some similar encounter with Zach.

yell    nick and zach    

All the pretty pre-show primping people....

girls    boys    jameka    couch

The show was unremarkable.  Joe went home 9-1, no shock.  They waffle and waffle, and at the end of the day it always seems to go the same way.  The "guy who came between Joe and Dustin" was just embarrassing.  Do we really need to hear about these people's sex lives? [Just for the record, I don't say that b/c they're gay...I don't want to hear about anyone's sex life.]  And the talk about Jen's creativity with the unitard was all fine and dandy, but the TV viewers didn't get to see any of it.  Even if the uni-kini was too much for a "family show" there were a lot of other creative styles.

And now Dick is HOH.  Kail is nervousing all over the place.  If Jen's worried, she's not letting on.  But we'll see if she joins the perp walk when Dick blew hers off last week.  At least no one has been stupid enough (so far) to start sucking up to him.

new HOH    amb    kail    jen

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