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The Days of Big Brother 13

bb13Big Brother 13 - Summer 2011


BB13 Day 1


BB13 Features

Daily Index

Wednesday, September 14

this year's girl

Tuesday, September 13

don't know from Adam

Monday, September 12

a jury of their peers

Sunday, September 11

moment of silence

Saturday, September 10

have a harm

Friday, September 9

day nada

Thursday, September 8

once a winner, always a winner

Wednesday, September 7

shock blocker

Tuesday, September 6

i see the future

Monday, September 5

it's not over until Kalia's allowed to sing

Sunday, September 4

enduring kalia

Saturday, September 3

better than expected

Friday, September 2

tori spelling kissed my duck!

Thursday, September 1

girl, you don't even know

Wednesday, August 31

hang in there

Tuesday, August 30


Monday, August 29

mommy nearest

Sunday, August 28

monkey in the middle

Saturday, August 27

fortune favors the brave

Friday, August 26

revival of fortune

Thursday, August 25

reversal of fortune

Wednesday, August 24


Tuesday, August 23

fighter plot

Monday, August 22

backdoor backfire

Sunday, August 21

speaking terms

Saturday, August 20

big week for big jeff

Friday, August 19

let's dance

Thursday, August 18

sliding to victory

Wednesday, August 17

where do we go from here?

Tuesday, August 16

let's make a deal

Monday, August 15

domestic tranquility

Sunday, August 14

domestic abuse

Saturday, August 13

I'm with....

Friday, August 12

shel on wheels

Thursday, August 11

déjà vu all over again
what you don't know can evict you

Wednesday, August 10

they're gonna think I went CRAZY

Tuesday, August 9

laying low

Monday, August 8

it's crazy, but it's true

Sunday, August 7

houseguests grab a dictionary

Saturday, August 6

see you at the veto

Friday, August 5

Jordan finds her voice

Thursday, August 4

fair warning

Wednesday, August 3

drive-by shouting

Tuesday, August 2

I'm not gonna lie

Monday, August 1

shock and veto

Sunday, July 31

hey big brother, what have you done?

Saturday, July 30

the queen's knight

Friday, July 29

not rocket science

Thursday, July 28

all deals are off

Wednesday, July 27

who needs a twist?

Tuesday, July 26

nap time

Monday, July 25

the blind leading the blind

Sunday, July 24

two can keep a secret, if one of them is evicted

Saturday, July 23

lies, damn lies, and linguistics

Friday, July 22

fertilizer brain

Thursday, July 21

no wonder america hates me

Wednesday, July 20

their own little candyland

Tuesday, July 19

do you love me?

Monday, July 18

this year's meow-meow

Sunday, July 17

stranger things have happened

Saturday, July 16

big brother 13 starts now

Friday, July 15

a house divided

Thursday, July 14


Wednesday, July 13

new kids on the block

Tuesday, July 12

crazy internet stuff

Monday, July 11

yellow ribbon

Sunday, July 10

what's in a name?

Saturday, July 9

damaged duos

Friday, July 8

puzzling it out
(aside: where's dick?)

Thursday, July 7

let the games begin
here we go again



Wednesday, July 6

omg, I have to see this now!

Thursday, June 30

wait...didn't they say new?

Wednesday, June 29

primary colors

Tuesday, June 28

lucky 13