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two can keep a secret, if one of them is evicted

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posted Sunday, 24 July 2011

It happens every year...week 3 is when BB really gets going. And the drama is really starting to show up in the last few days. Loyalites are being questioned, alliances (both real and not) are being formed, and paranoia is running the house.


The newly formed alliance of Brenchel and JeJo (the Double-Date Alliance) is still going strong. They've agreed that no matter what they aren't going to believe anything they hear about each other. They also agreed they can't really trust anyone else, but they feel the best about Shelly, Adam and Porsche. Mostly Shelly.

je jo

Jeff and Brendon even appear to have gotten matching alliance team shirts:


Daniele is so on to them it isn't even funny. This afternoon she basically confronted Brenchel about what was going on. They had previously agreed that they were going to play the whole thing as just being "uncomfortable" about Dom's trustworthyness and try not to alienate Dani. That sooo didn't work. Daniele ended up telling Rachel that if Dom goes home this week she (Dani) is going to be very pissed. This didn't really faze them from the plan, but did convince them that after Dom's kicked Daniele is going to fight for HOH (everyone is assuming the GK holders can play this week, and it will likely be an endurance comp.) and if she wins she will likely nom Jeff and Brendon, with Rachel and Jordan as potential repl-noms if the POV is used. So even if, say, Rachel wins the POV and saves Brendon, Jordan will go up. In other words, if Dani wins, one of them is going home. And, anyone who thinks Daniele isn't a top contender in an end. comp. is fooling themselves.

rach bren

Kalia has been trying to play both sides and it finally crashed down on her a bit today. Jeff asked her what was going on, knowing full well what the answer was, just to see if she'd tell him. She told him she didn't know what he was talking about, and he couldn't hide his irritation. Kalia realized he was super-pissed and tried to calm him down, without success. He kept talking about how she clearly knew the plan and he didn't, which sent her flying up to HOH to ask what the plan was. They told her the plan was to use the POV and nom her and Lawon, and kick Lawon. This is, of course, a total lie. I think they may have just been trying to see if she'd spill to anyone. She did go and tell Daniele, who burst out laughing.

lawon kalia

In other news, Shelly and Daniele had a pow-wow and Dani walked away with the impression that Shelly would go after Jeff, given the chance. Or at least that's what she told Brenchel. I heard the convo and didn't really get that impression myself, and I'm not sure if Daniele really thought that was what Shelly was saying, or if she was just using it as another point in the Kill Jeff plan. She passed the story on to Brenchel, telling them that they had to swear not to tell anyone else, because Dani had promised Shelly she wouldn't tell anyone. Of course, they promised, and of course, a short time later they were telling JeJo everything. Then a short time after that, Shelly came to JeJo and told them about the convo, but asked them to keep it quiet b/c she'd promised Dani she wouldn't repeat it.

this much shel

Just goes to show, you can't keep a secret in the BB house.

There's still quite a bit of scurrying around going on, and nothing is set in stone until after the POV meeting tomorrow. But whatever happens at the meeting, there are bound to be fireworks afterwards.

I have very little to say about the show....Sunday shows are usually pretty boring since everything being covered happened forever ago in BB terms. The ad for Same Name did nothing but convince me that I did not want to watch the show. The funniest bit was some of the guesses for what celebrity that guy might share a name with. Barbara Streisand? Michael Jackson? Seriously?

Anyway, the secrets and lies continue into the evening. Daniele goes and tells Dominic that the rest of the re-runs are "nervous" about him and that he should do whatever he can to reassure them. Then he asks if he's supposed to know what she just told him, because if he does know it, they'll know she told him.


And, yes, Porsche's still there.


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