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lies, damn lies, and linguistics

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posted Saturday, 23 July 2011

What a day in the BB house. After all the seed planting yesterday, Brenchel decided to sit down and have little summit meetings with their various alliances. First up was Jeff and Jordan. They admitted that they had been hearing that JeJo were out to get them and all but acknowledged that Jeff was being targeted this week from various corners of the house. After a little bit of chatting the Couples Alliance realized the common factor in all their mistrust of each other: Daniele. They also noted how strongly Daniele feels about keeping Dominic in the game. There was a really funny moment when Jeff told Brenchel that he could predict word-for-word what Dani would say when they asked about keeping Dom or Adam: "Honestly, I don't care one way or the other, but...." Not an hour later Daniele was in HOH saying those exact words.


jordan jeff

In any case, Brenchel reaffirmed that they were good with JeJo and both couples agreed not to let those seeds of doubt take root in their fertilizer brains anymore. But they also agree that it's in their best interests to let everyone else think they're not 100% sure about each other. Also during this conversation, Brenchel tells them that they believe Shelly would nom them, given the chance (this becomes important later).


Next up is Dominic. They've recently drawn POV players, and JeJo were picked so Dom asks Rachel if he's still supposed to throw the veto, and she tells him yes. She also assures him that he's safe no matter what, and it's Adam that will be going home. Shortly after this Adam joins them, followed by Brendon. Brendon makes one of the more bizarre statements of the day by saying when they're both in the room that they should know they're not the target. I think he actually got a little confused for a second, since they've been telling each of them separately that they're safe, but also telling each one that they're telling the other one he's safe (confused yet?). Brendon does manage to cover by implying that he means that the plan is to use the POV and b-d another pair. Adam asks which pair, Jeff and Jordan or Lawon and Kalia, and the HsOH are vague in their answer.


The boys leave and Daniele comes in. Rachel tells her that they just told Dom to throw the veto. Daniele asks why they would do that, don't they want him to win it so they can do a backdoor. Brendon says why would they want to backdoor Lawon, and Daniele says not Lawon, Jeff. Brenchel both point out that b-d'ing Jeff would be stupid. It would be one thing if they were forced into it if Lawon/Kalia had been picked to play veto, won and saved Adam/Dom, but if A/D veto themselves and B/R nom J/J it's clear that they're going against them. And Brendon points out that if they do win the veto, they still have that option. They also have the option to nom Kalia/Lawon or boot Adam. If Dom wins the veto they don't have the option to kick Adam. His point is that winning the POV is best b/c it leaves all the power in their hands.

lawon kalia

Daniele starts to get frustrated and regresses a bit into her whiney BB8 "it's not faaaaaair" voice. This is the first moment this season since Dick left where things haven't been going 100% her way and she's clearly displeased. Brendon and Rachel talk her down a bit and tell her that they're keeping all their options open. They also go on to relay almost exactly everything they said to JeJo, including the fact that they'd sworn allegiance to them, but saying in truth they're loyal to Dani. At this point I have no idea what's really true, because they have given everyone the exact same line, and told all of them that they're saying the same thing to everyone. They are equally convincing with all.


But once they're alone, we get the answer. At least the answer for today: they're sticking with Jeff and Jordan. 2 allies are better than one, and they see that Daniele is building her own army out of the newbies. They also recall how Jeff got screwed by believing the True Lie in season 11 and so they're hopeful that he'll know better than to believe gossip this time around, and stick with his alliance.

Then it's off to POV land, and when they come back we find Rachel laying in bed, looking as if she's been crying. At first I figured something had gone wrong in the veto-either they lost, or she and Brendon got into another fight-but it turned out that her eyes were just irritated from the comp. Apparently it involved a large amount of soap bubbles, and some sort of duckie boats.

tears of pov duckies

The comp was a Technotronics spell-the-longest word comp, and Brendon won. With the word "understanding." Just like last year. Rachel tried to spell moisturizer, but somehow it came out mousterizer. I didn't catch what word Jeff went with, though apparently whatever it was, he spelled it correctly. I think it would have been hysterical if he'd gone with Technotronics, but that probably wouldn't have helped his standing with his teamies.


Later on Shelly comes and catches up with Jordan, letting her know that the newbies are trying to recruit her. Jordan tells her that Brenchel are worried that Shelly will put them put because she keeps talking about what great competitors they are (Jordan! Sssssh!). They both trot upstairs to talk to Rachel. Shelly says that Jordan told her they were worried she would nom them, and assures them that she wouldn't. She says that she does think they're great competitors, but she thinks that's something to respect not something to kick out. She also tells them about the alliance offers and where they're coming from. She says she's been careful not to agree to anything, but just go with a sort of nod-and-smile approach. She explains that it is very important to her that she be honest in the game. She might keep secrets and maybe mislead people a bit, but she won't outright lie because she has a young child at home watching and setting a good example for her daughter is way more important than winning a reality show. Go Shelly!


Meanwhile, Daniele's getting nervous. She sees the parade up to HOH and knows something's up. After the pow-wows, Brenchel reaffirm in private that they're with JeJo and though Daniele's a great person and all, she's so well positioned in the game that if they keep giving her what she wants, she's going to roll through to the end and win the whole thing. They come up with what they're going to say to her over the next few days so they can do what they want but not totally alienate her as an ally. A bit later when Daniele has a chance to talk with Rachel, she reminds her a few times of how Jordan "betrayed" her with her luxury comp choices, and keeps planting her little seeds of doubt. Rachel seems to be going along with it, but who knows at this point what's real and what's not.

happy dani sad dani

(what a difference an hour makes....left: Daniele before Jordan and Shelly went to talk to Rachel; right: after)
Oh, and Porsche's still there.
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