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fertilizer brain

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posted Friday, 22 July 2011

Just a typical Friday in the BB house...noms and a comp, and lots of scheming.

The day started with a luxury comp. and a visit from David Hasselhoff. It was a promotion for the new show "Same Name" and the HGs had to figure out the celeb in the house was the Hoff from clues they were given. Jordan was the winner, and she got to pick 3 people to watch the show with her, and picked Jeff, Kalia and Shelly. This HIGHLY offended Rachel who felt that as HOH, Jordan should have picked her. She also decided this was a clear sign that the re-run alliance is dead. According to her this was the second betrayal by JeJo. The first being the fact that they didn't originally nom Cassi last week, as per Queen Rachel's wishes. Oh, and it seems Rachel and Brendon got into a fight. Shocker.


Then there was lots of scurrying around about noms, primarily by Daniele. She's pushing for Adam and Dom, saying they should get Adam out, but it seems her real target is Jeff. The ideal outcome for DaBrechel would be for Kalia/Lawon to win the veto and save Dom/Adam so Rachel would be "forced" to nom JeJo and they could kick Jeff. If this happens, Jordan will be beyond pissed. She's been saying all along that the last thing they want is for one of them to be kicked before jury so they'll be separated for the whole summer. Of course, with the possibility of a revolving door, if Jeff is evicted and the viewers have anything to say about it, he'd be a shoo-in for being shooed back in.



Daniele is being very careful to never say that they should backdoor Jeff this week. What she's actually telling everyone is that they need to keep him in mind as a target for later. She actually said to Brenchel that they can't directly nom JeJo or they will lose jury votes. Not only would they lose Jeff and Jordan's, if applicable, but if they're the first to obviously break the alliance, they'd lose others as well. Dani continues to play the best game in there. She's nobody's target, and everybody's friend, yet she owes nothing to anyone. She's planting seeds all over the place, and apparently the rest of them have fertilizer for brains...those seeds are taking root and sprouting serious paranoia trees.

dani rachel


They have noms and it is a re-run of last week, with Dom/Adam going up on the block. The difference is that this week the HOH has declared Adam the target and asked Dom to throw the POV; the reverse of last week. It seems like they're on an overnight lockdown, so the comp is likely to be a pretty intricate setup, if nothing else. The best outcome for JeJo fans would be for them to be picked and win it (OBVI).

adam dom

There was minor incident when Brendon grabbed Daniele, picked her up, and she accidentally kicked his harmed knee, resulting in blood. But a care bear band-aid made it all better.

up harm

We got some art shots on the feeds tonight, not to mention a lot of blockage. The button guy doesn't seem to have any idea what justifies blocking. Among other things there were palm trees for: Kalia talking about her mother's housekeeper, a bunch of them talking about BB9, and someone commenting that David Hasselhoff is popular in Germany. That last one really got if that's a secret or something. (Actually I think they're trying to keep the "celeb" secret until the show, but that ship has sailed.)

who how

And for your daily dose of cuteness, we have an appearance from Shelly's daughter Josie's puppy (if it has a name I haven't heard it yet)...and of course, the SuperCute SuperCouple:

`pup super

And Porsche's still there...and seems as surprised as anyone.



Lines of the Day

Rachel (about not being picked to watch the show): I was not pissed. (she must have said this about 17 times....methinks the HOH doth protest too much).
Kalia: He lies like crazy, and not even in a good way.
Jordan: I don't know...I mean, it's impossible to please everybody in this house.
Jeff: They missed watching a TV show. Re-lax.
Kalia: I was just going to get my mic out of my underwear.
Adam: Anybody want to shave my chest tomorrow?
Adam: Remember on Silver Spoons....
Daniele: I have no idea what you're talking about. What's Silver Spoons?
Adam: That show with Ricky're too young.
Daniele: We've never seen Baywatch.
Dominic: The only thing I remember about Baywatch is from an episode of Friends.
Adam: It's still such a trip when Julie asks me a question. It's like 'Julie Chen knows my name!'
Rachel: She's from Canadia.
(they're trying to figure out sleeping arrangements that give everyone a comfortable bed, since no one's a HN this week)
Jeff: PT (Dominic) will sleep with Daniele.
Kalia: Yeah, I bet.
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