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no wonder america hates me

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posted Thursday, 21 July 2011

The HGs spent most of the day, changing clothes, doing and re-doing their hair and make-up. There was no last minute campaigning because there was just no point. Cassi was done from the moment Dom won the POV.

huggy bear

The show was, again, a bit of a joke. Jordan was "seriously considering" nominating Brendon and Rachel? Seriously, seriously? In what universe? Sure, it was mentioned, but it was never under serious consideration. I won't bother commenting on Rachel vs. Cassi or Rachel and Jordan, since I covered those when they happened. But Brendon vs. Cassi was bizarre (and I missed it the first time around). And Brendon's "done with Cassi"? When was he on TeamCassi? Otherwise, the show was predictable. Nice speeches from both ladies, everyone votes to evict Cassi. About the only surprise was that she hugged Rachel on her way out.

dom porsche

And out she goes to chat with Julie and has to again deal with the awkwardness of being asked if she thinks everyone hates her because she's beautiful. What do you say to that? Just about anything is either going to sound insincere or conceited. Cassi handled it about as well as possible. There was nothing shocking in her goodbye messages, including no confession from Shelly about being the hinky vote (which Shel said on the feeds she put in the g/b), which makes me think there is a good chance someone will be coming back, as a lot have been speculating. I for one hope to see Cassi again...if for nothing else than to see if she follows through with her promise to come back with the line "I'm back, BITCH!"

lawon kalia

In the pre-HOH break, we get the highlight of the show when the audio of Rachel peeing gets aired. Then it's out to HOH and the viewer poll questions. Brenchel did impress me by not falling into the trap I mentioned a few days ago about thinking it's all about them. I guess, they learned from last season that they're not the most loved HGs ever. When the comp came down to the two of them, I actually laughed. It's just ridiculous how they barrel through every comp.

jeff jordan

So Rachel wins another HOH and we have a re-run re-run. I'm finding it hard to care enough to try to figure out what The Plan is at this stage. It does seem like Daniele is pushing for Dom/Adam to be nom'ed again with the idea of getting rid of Adam. Kalia and Lawon just might slide by for another week. Dani is also hard at work planting seeds of distrust between Brenchel and JeJo. That way when the re-run alliance is finally D-U-N, done (©BB9 Natalie) the 2 couples will turn on each other and she'll still be sitting pretty on the sidelines.

psstpsst dani


Lines of the Show

Rachel: I'm too mouthy. I think everyone would agree.
Jordan: We gotta talk about moving in the same state first.
Shelly: It's the Golden Key to the refrigerator.
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