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posted Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Wednesday show was an interesting little fictional spin on the general reality from the feeds. The prods really are masters at editing things to make it look like there was a lot more consideration put into things than there actually was. From the show, you'd really think that Jordan almost repl-nom'ed Brenchel. One thing I will say for the least no one pretends we don't have co-HsOH this year so far. Jeff said a couple of times that "we" would have to consider such-and-such as noms.


What was kind of interesting was getting to see the veto comp. Well, not the comp itself, but the drama surrounding it. Rachel's comment was really stupid, and she sure didn't need to take the slop. Jeff's original comment to her (that he "didn't appreciate [her] comments during" the comp) was pretty harmless. Actually, what he said to Jordan (that she sucked enough as it is, or something to that effect) was a lot more offensive.


One more thing that they got right...Daniele is owning them all.


I haven't seen a whole lot of the feeds today, but it's still a safe bet that Cassi's getting kicked tomorrow. I did get some interesting screencaps of her this afternoon...she somehow kept getting camera angles that made her appear topless....or at least censored.

topless cass


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