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The Days of Big Brother 12

bb12Big Brother 12 - Summer 2010


BB12 Day 1


BB12 Features

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Wednesday, September 15

   there can be only one   

Tuesday, September 14

   who will win, who will care?   

Monday, September 13

   counting your votes before they're cast   

Sunday, September 12

   annual review   

Saturday, September 11

   loyalty only goes so far   

Friday, September 10


Thursday, September 9

   sham, pain and DR   

Wednesday, September 8

   study hall
   lies big brother told me    

Tuesday, September 7

   bye bye Britney   

Monday, September 6

   i know what you did this summer   

Sunday, September 5

   we're looking for a few good men...   

Saturday, September 4

   and so it ends  

Friday, September 3

   trashing the place   

Thursday, September 2

   ho, ho, hoh   

Wednesday, September 1

   vop rehtorb gib ym   

Tuesday, August 31

   brigadier fear   

Monday, August 30

   it's so dull in there, we're making up drama out here   

Sunday, August 29

   yo-yo, yo   

Saturday, August 28

   you gotta love a houseguest with sock puppets
   a grenade drops    

Friday, August 27

   the face   

Thursday, August 26

   goodbye to two   

Wednesday, August 25

   but that was when I ruled the world   

Tuesday, August 24

   don't let them eat cake   

Monday, August 23

   dead fish   

Sunday, August 22

   time flies when you're wearing chum  

Saturday, August 21

   gettin' chummy  

Friday, August 20

   if I only had a brain...
   heads will roll  

Thursday, August 19

   but diamonds are a man's best friend   

Wednesday, August 18

   a diamond studded secret   

Tuesday, August 17

   I don't hate them all   

Monday, August 16

   listen to the sounds of safety   

Sunday, August 15

   bro-gade fade   

Saturday, August 14

   the bitch is back   

Friday, August 13

   better watch the backdoor   

Thursday, August 12

   hugs all a....oh, wait   

Wednesday, August 11

   show-mance 'em how it's done   

Tuesday, August 10

   rules were made to be broken   

Monday, August 9

   Julie Chen will come between her and HER MAN   

Sunday, August 8

   i'd do that for a diamond pov  

Saturday, August 7

   there's no crying in big brother   

Friday, August 6

   the box, the block, and the backstabotool   

Thursday, August 5

   poor bigfoot   

Wednesday, August 4

   rest up, might be endurance   

Tuesday, August 3

   what's love got to do with it?   

Monday, August 2

   things almost got interesting   

Sunday, August 1

   at least we know that much   

Saturday, July 31

   what's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding?  

Friday, July 30

   bring it on  

Thursday, July 29

   captain kosher to the rescue   

Wednesday, July 28


Tuesday, July 27

   rules of the game  

Monday, July 26

   just when you thought it was safe

Sunday, July 25

   me, me, me   

Saturday, July 24

   see your HOH, raise you a POV   

Friday, July 23

   baby feeds  

Thursday, July 22


Wednesday, July 21

   ready for their closeups?

Tuesday, July 20

   he said, she said, bb said

Monday, July 19

   pawn tonight

Sunday, July 18

   sunday school  

Saturday, July 17

   then beggars would ride   

Friday, July 16

   if wishes were horses
   all that and a bag of fish sticks

Thursday, July 15

   from have-nottie to hoh-gottie   

Wednesday, July 14

   bb siesta  

Tuesday, July 13

   the longest week  

Monday, July 12

   making waves
   stab in the dark

Sunday, July 11

   take me back
   can't believe I dyed my hair for this

Saturday, July 10

   rainstorm brainstorm

Friday, July 9

   winning with understanding
   one weird dude

Thursday, July 8

   feeding frenzy
   and what's in it for us?



Wednesday, July 7

   sweet dreams    

Tuesday, July 6

   second verse, same as the first   

Sunday, July 4

   at first glance   

Saturday, July 3

   therein lies the truth   

Saturday, June 19 

   cheaper by the dozen