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take me back

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posted Sunday, 11 July 2010

The HGs often mention how the DR guy will say to them "take me back to [whatever]" to get them to do DR sessions about things that have long since past as if they just happened.  That's totally what the Sunday show is for livefeeders.  We have to think back to before we knew who was nom'ed, who won POV and what happened with the repl. nom.


The first week TV show is mildly more interesting than later in the season because we get pre-feed footage.  But we still don't know what's going on with editing.  On tonight's show we got a lot of pre-nom footage about the formation of the showmance, and Hayden saying that nom'ing Rachel was due to her relationship with Brendon.  But at the actual noms he used the old standby "you didn't come talk to me" excuse for putting her up.  Which makes me think that they weren't Showmanc'ing before noms.  Also, Rachel has said that their "hammock date" happened the night after they were put on the block together.


The H/HN comp was interesting only in that we got to wonder more about who the StaboTool might be.  After seeing the comp, a lot of people are pointing at Kathy.  Sure, it wasn't easy to get through the gunk, but why did she get completely stuck? In other StaboTool news, from what I could see Kathy and Monet were not in the LR when the lights went out.  Annie was sitting on the floor, and could have easily sneaked over to the pantry door.  I will say that if Annie is the Tool, BB will probably find a way to flip the vote so she can stay...just as they did for ToolEric during BB8.

stabo tool

Back in the house, Annie is on the campaign trail.  She got a major pep talk from Lane.  It occurred to me that if Annie is not the Tool, whoever is would probably want her to stay because keeping Annie/kicking Rachel StaboTools a number of people: Brendon, Hayden, Britney, and obviously Rachel. 

campaigner peptalker

So Annie believes she has Lane and Enzo's votes, and a good shot at Andrew's.  She figures no way on Brendon and Britney.  Monet said she's going to do whatever Hayden wants, and Matt and Ragan told her they'd "vote with the house."  Conventional wisdom is that Kristen will also go with whatever Hayden wants.  And Annie still needs to check in with Kathy.  Of course, who knows who's full of sh--sugar pops and who's not.


andrew britney

matt ragan


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