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can't believe I dyed my hair for this

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posted Sunday, 11 July 2010

They go off behind the bubbles for a relatively early POV ceremony.  It's the first one for this group, so it's going to take longer than usual.  Plan KickAnnie still seems to be in full force pre-bubbles, and when we finally come back, sure enough, she's the repl-nom.  She's also already on a tear.


ann brit

Apparently there was some sort of Annie/Britney confrontation during the ceremony and now Brit's all on edge.  Annie's in the anger stage, already packing, and talking about what a waste the whole thing was.  Everything she gave up, being away from her family, having to dye her hair, etc.  A few of them try to comfort her and/or convince her that it's not over 'til it's over, but she's not really having any of that.  Yet.

grasshopper nomance

Rachel says she's a bit shook up too.  She believes she's staying but she's still a bit nervous.  She calls Brendon her knight in shining armor and the two of them congratulate each other on both surviving the week.  It might be a bit premature, but it does look good for the Showmance so far.  Pretty much everyone is saying Rachel's the one to keep.  Which opens up some options for the StaboTool, of course.

princess white knight

hugs for now 

And as a true sign that another BB summer is here, they build a slip-n-slide...

ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4

More later with the Sunday show review. 

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