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posted Saturday, 10 July 2010

It started out as a pretty typical no-production day in the BB house.  A lot of laying around and a lot of parannoying.  There's been some back and forth on the b-d Annie plan, but it still seems the most likely scenario for the week.  The main highlight of the day was some major Showmance smooching and snuggling.

sm sm

Then mid-afternoon, they disappear behind the bubbles for a bit.  When we come back, they're all talking about a message from the StaboTool.  Apparently the Tool came on the LR screen and told them something about 2 lifelong friends.  It was also repeated that 12 are trying to win half a mil, and one is lying.  The second part ought to put to rest the theory that some of them were floating that there is no StaboTool, that it's just BB StaboTooling them all.  And the first part could be total StaboTool fiction.

seriously hayden

The leading theory on the pair is that Kathy and Britney are mother and daughter.  I've been thinking since the feeds started that someone was going to come up with that theory at some point.  They're both from Arkansas and they kind of look alike, so naturally hamster paranoia is going to come up with the idea that they're related.  They're definitely not mother/daughter...and as far as I've seen no one out here has found any other connection between them, or any of the HGs for that matter, and given the level of bb-obsession that exists that leads me to believe the whole pair thing is all StaboTool-age.  What I can't figure is why no one thinks it's a little suspicious how close Rachel and Brendon are given they've known each other for one week.

daughter? mother?

A little later BB calls an outdoor lockdown, probably just to do routine indoor maintenance like removing the "evicted" fish.  During the lockdown, Hayden and Brendon finally get a chance to have the conversation they've been talking around for the past day: who the repl nom will be.  Hayden tells Brendon there's one person he could nom. to guarantee Rachel stays.  He doesn't want to name names, though Brendon clearly knows right away that they're talking about Annie.  Brendon kind of tries to steer Hayden away from Annie, but in the end basically says whatever keeps Rachel is fine with him.  Meanwhile, Andrew approaches Matt to talk about the fact that everyone thinks Andrew's the Tool.  Matt tells him it's a non-issue now, because everyone is now more worried about the pair.  So they start talking about the pair, and Andrew mentions something about the hotel they were all in for pre-show sequester (which they always refer to as 'vacation').  It sounds like most of them figured out they were at the same hotel because there was some sort of convention there at the same time.  (Which sort of raises the question: Don't they *know* where they were?  If they talked about things like "I saw people in the lobby wearing nametags for such-and-such," why couldn't they just say "hey were you at the Motel 6 too?") But anyway.  Andrew then gets all excited about how there were 2 people who said they weren't at the convention hotel.  They must be the pair!  Matt asks who he's talking about and Andrew says no, he won't say, he can't trust Matt.  And then he says something along the lines of "come on, you know who I'm talking about."  Matt swears he doesn't.

convo vacation 

Then it starts to rain.  The HGs are stuck outside because of the lockdown, and someone even asks if it's only raining over the studio.  Now, I'm a total East Coaster, but I've always been under the impression that it never rains in SoCal in the summer.  Apparently it is pretty darn rare, but it was real rain not some BB/StaboTool prank.  They all huddle under the awning and eventually are allowed back inside.

rainy day 

Matt immediately herds Hayden up to HOH and tells him about his convo with Andrew, but saying he has no idea who Andrew was talking about, but he might be on to something.  Hayden says "oh, I know exactly who he's talking about.  Me and Kristen."  So after assuring Matt it's all a red herring--Hayden thinks it has more to do with the cast schedule than anything--Hayden goes and grabs Kristen and tells her they may have a problem.  The two of the proceed to have a very confusing conversation that at first seems to imply that the do know each other, but eventually it sounds more like they just have an in-house alliance (which we knew) but if people start thinking they have a pre-show connection it could make their current contact more suspicious.  Hayden then goes to grab Andrew, and starts explaining things.  Andrew tells him he wasn't even referring to him and Kristen, that he was thinking it was Brendon who was at a different hotel.

pow wow

We then get a somewhat long bubble outage, and when we come back, Hayden and Kristen are alone in HOH and Andrew is downstairs with the rest of them holding some sort of Q&A session about Judiasm.  Some amazing ignorance and mild hilarity ensues: 

[someone]: Andrew, do you celebrate Christmas ever?
Andrew: Uh. No.  
Matt: Who's the Santa Claus of Hanukkah?
Andrew: We don't have a mascot. 
Andrew: You have Halloween, we have Purim. 
Britney: What do girls wear?
Andrew: Dresses?
Britney: No, I mean like do they have to wear something on their heads?  
Lane: Are you conservative with like money?
Andrew: Excuse me?
[Later Matt tells Kristen/Hayden about Lane asking that] 
Kristen: Did you really say that?
Lane: Is that bad?
Kristen: That's okay you just don't know any better. 


[Oh, and bonus points to me for being right on the battery issue: around 8PM BBT BB tells him to change his batteries, and he says no, not for another hour.] 

It seems that behind the bubbles, BB came on and told them to really stop talking about production.  Meaning, stop speculating about the "secret pair" by talking about what happened during the pre-show sequester.  BB wants them parannoying about the pair, but needs them to do it in a way that they can edit into the show.  Also escaping the bubbles is a comment Hayden makes to Kristen about DR hinting that he shouldn't nom Annie, which makes him think she's the Tool for sure.

Matt: Instead of being like "hey dickheads, I've told you like 800,000 times not to talk about production so could you cut it out?" he's like "guys...I'm sorry...." [cut to bubbles]  
[someone]: And how about when he said 'and not even in code.'?  
Hayden: CBS needs to keep the saboteur around longer than week one.  If he gets evicted then they get no drama.
[me: It's rather odd that he's "so sure" it's Annie, but still saying "he."] 

chat StaboTool?

Lines of the Day: 

Kathy: I probably shouldn't have started naming them (the fish).  That makes it more sad when they die.
Enzo: They didn't die.  They were evicted. 
Andrew: Oh, sh--sugar pops.
[me: hahahaha.....I'm totally stealing that one.]  
Enzo: Lane just made another alliance with himself.
Hayden: Thinking about it in my head....
[me: as opposed to thinking about it in your ass?]   
Britney: Enzo, who would you be paired with, if you had a lifelong friend in this house? 
Enzo: The type of people I'm friends with are not in this house. 
Lane: You don't want to be friends with the people in here? 
Enzo: I definitely want to be friends with the people in here.  I'm not friends with the friends I have back home anymore. 
Ragan: What if it's like certain cameras have specific camera operators....
BB: You are not allowed to talk about production!
Ragan: I wasn't even talking about this show! I was talking about a sitcom.  I was talking about 'Valerie's Family.'
[me: Wow, fabulous '80s reference.] 
Andrew: Okay, I'm going to try to drink beer, which one should I try? (Apparently he doesn't like beer, and BB keeps failing to get kosher wine.)
Kristen: If you don't like beer, drink Bud Light.  
Hayden: I had no idea people would like blog about all this.  That's crazy.
[me: Yes, yes it is.] 

And speaking of the's the obligatory eye-candy for the day: 

kristen rachel brendon

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