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winning with understanding

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posted Friday, 9 July 2010

The POV comp. was apparently the same type of "spell the longest word" game as the infamous Technotronics comp from last year.  I didn't catch what words everyone had, but what I did catch was that Rachel went with "science," Andrew went with "pasteurize," even had it spelled correctly but StaboTooled himself by swapping the E and U before buzzing in, and Brendon won with "understanding."


Apparently spelling the word science prompted Rachel to tell Brendon that she's a chemist (or maybe she told him earlier, but today was the first I heard any talk about it).  After the comp Brendon decided to tell Matt that he's a physics PhD candidate, and spilled about Rachel's chemistry degree too.  So Matt says now he understands their attraction to each other better.  I'm not sure what Brendon thought he was getting out of all this.  It basically just makes them look like not only a Showmance, but a Science Alliance as well. 

science alliance

Now that Brendon's going to be off the block, the repl nom scramble began.  There was some talk about pawning Kathy and Brendon was pushing for Monet under the "she won $10K" theory.  Then Enzo decided that Annie is StaboTool and that she should be backdoored.  He's still pushing his "Meow Meow Mafia" name for the Hayden/Enzo/Lane/Matt alliance, and that fits in nicely with the "Catty Girls" who were down in the backyard trashing Rachel and Annie while the guys were upstairs plotting.

cocky alliance

girls catty

The MeowMeows (or Cocky Boys as I've started thinking of them). Are awfully proud of themselves for coming up with this big "power move."  They're already talking about how great they are and thinking they've got the whole game wrapped.  We'll see.  Sounds like a lot of other early 4 person alliances we've seen....  So before long Enzo has made his way around to almost everyone, selling then on the plan to Kick Annie, based on the theory that she's trying to make deals with....almost everyone.  Enzo might want to watch out for karma coming back at him on this one.

enzo matt

At the moment, plan Kick-Annie is full steam ahead.  But it's still early.  The POV ceremony could be as late as Monday, and no matter what it's a really long time until Thursday.  And even though I keep thinking I'm so over the SaboTool speculation and that we should just forget about it until Thursday, I keep doing it too.  I was totally joking about Annie being the StaboTool, so when Enzo said he's sure it's her I had to laugh.  And then my next thought was "or maybe it's Enzo."  Whoever it is, the prods don't want him/her kicked Week 1.  It would truly make this the lamest twist ever.  And plus they'd lose their excuse for those $1/txt msgs.  Though, if people are dumb enough to pay to guess who the StaboTool is, maybe CBS figures they'd be dumb enough to keep voting on "So, if our Twist hadn't bombed Week 1, what would you have hypothetically voted for?"

the new target 

Even in the time it took me to type that last paragraph, things have changed a little.  Now Lane's been brought into the KickAnnie convos and he's sort of arguing against it.  His point is that if Annie is nom'ed and somehow stays, she'll be super-pissed at those who went against her.  And if Annie goes, you've still got "the couple" to deal with.  On the other hand, if a Pawn is nom'ed and Rachel goes, you're golden: no couple, and a presumably happy Pawn.  And if the Pawn goes, well that's why you use a Pawn. He pretty much talks the Catty Girls around to his point of view.  They end up saying it's up to Hayden (oh, right, he's the actual HOH.)

lane hohboy

Meanwhile Annie's oblivious to the target that's been placed on her, and she's downstairs making dinner for everyone (spaghetti and meatballs).  And Andrew, who is finally not the focus of everything spends approximately 45 minutes shaving...and checking in with just about everyone who wanders through the bathroom.  Around 7:30 BBT BB tells Andrew to change his batteries....which perhaps obviates my earlier question.


Yet another development happens before I can finish the entry and post....Andrew and Hayden get together in HOH for a pow-wow.  There's an implication that there is a legit alliance among Hayden, Andrew and Kristen.  Hayden asks who Andrew would like to see as the repl nom.  He makes a pitch for Monet, but Hayden argues that all the reasons to target Monet are actually reasons to keep her as a future target.  Hayden then asks what Andrew thinks of the kick-Annie plan.  Andrew is all in favor of it, though he makes similar points to what Lane said about how it's important that if Annie goes up, she also goes out.


Also during that convo Hayden tells Andrew that he really needs to apologize to Annie for the blanket incident.  Andrew thought he already had, but now that he knows she's still upset about it he says he'll talk to her again.  This all leads into a StaboTool convo and how everything that Andrew does gets taken as more significant than it has to be b/c they all think he's the StaboTool.  He swears he's not, and Hayden mentions that it might be Annie.  Andrew's issue with that is that Annie took the $10K in the HOH comp.  He asks why would the StaboTool take the 10K, unless they were sure their team would lose.  (Um?  Maybe so no one else would get it....)  Andrew also does explain that he can't use electricity for the next 25 hours, but he doesn't want to make a big thing of it, so some of the stuff that he does that people might be finding strange are because of that.

And finally, Rachel stops in to HOH and Hayden tells her he sees "one person [he] could nominate to keep [her] safe."   He doesn't tell her who it is, but says if he has a safety promise from her and Brendon, he'll do it.  She's thrilled.  Hayden and Brendon are supposed to chat tomorrow to confirm his part.

hug it out 

Oh, and Andrew does in fact apologize to Annie, who says she appreciates the apology. No hug here; but that's probably just as well.

apologist apologee

And Kristen and Ragan get photo ops here, just because they didn't pop up anywhere else yet today. 

kristen ragan

Lines of the Day:

Matt: This is going to be the best alliance in BB history.  Final 4 since Day 1.  
Britney: The saboteur.  >pause< What if it's like Annie, and I've been blaming everything on Andrew? I'm going to look like a douchebag going around calling him "saboteur."
Lane: I think America would like that, I think that makes good TV.
Britney: What? Us looking like idiots?
Lane: Yeah.  
Matt: Do you think we're the best season ever?
Enzo: Absolutely.  We've been here a week and we're best most successful cast yet. 

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