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one weird dude

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posted Friday, 9 July 2010

During BB10 at one point Memphis said about Dan "with all that stuff he does, if he's not America's Player, he's one weird dude."  The amusing part was that most of the things Memphis was referring to were not Tool Tasks, and were in fact Dan just being "one weird dude."

It seems that it's the same sort of thing that's got them all convinced that Andrew is the "staboteur" (thanks to hamsterwatch  for pointing out the latest CBS typo.  Here at mybbpov we were thinking of going with SaboTool....but StaboTool might be even better.) 

It turns out that Andrew's "examination" of Annie did make the first few seconds of BBAD last night.  She was sitting with a blanket over her legs, he said 'time for your annual pap smear' and stuck his head under the blanket for a second.  She said something like "oh my God, why would you do that? We're about to go live."  And she *was* laughing.  He assured her he didn't "see anything."  About then a producer comes on saying "we're live guys."  Which they all interpreted as they were *now* live.  In any case, while it was definitely a weird thing to do, I don't think it was the level of sexual assault that she was later making it out to be.  Also, if she'd stop talking about it, so would everyone else.


The most amusing one to me is still Lane (who I swear at some point I'm going to accidentally call Ryan b/c he reminds me so much of BB9 Ryan) and his theory about how Andrew has led "such a sheltered life away from society" and that's why his behavior is so bizarre to the rest of them.  My response to that was "dude, he's not Amish."  The theory made absolutely no sense to me until Lane explained that he thinks Andrew would normally behave very conservatively but he's trying to mimic the behavior of the "normal HGs" (as if there's such a thing) and tries to make a joke or something and just goes too far.


They also are all completely confused by the  kosher cooking and dietary restrictions.  There was some issue last night where Annie put a pepperoni pizza on a cookie sheet and Andrew told her that now he couldn't use the cookie sheet anymore.  And then this morning there was something about a bagel.  I didn't see either incident, just heard Annie telling the stories over and over again later.


Hey, maybe Annie's the StaboTool and she's causing all this drama to create trouble for Andrew....hmmm.  Seriously, I don't believe that, but the fact is you could make a case for almost any of them.  I still say it's a guy, but I've been wrong before.

In other news, Rachel and Brendon are still nom'ed and are also making a play for the Showmance position.  They've already been making out and talking about sharing a bed (they can't actually do that b/c she's a have-not).  Of course, if they stay on the block the Showmance is over before it can start.  But if one of them, especially Brendon, gets the POV everything could change.  I still haven't heard an explanation for why they were nom'ed except that they're a couple.  But it's unclear if they were a couple pre-noms.

show mance 

Anyway, they're off behind the trivia now playing for the veto.  I couldn't figure out why BB was having it today, until someone pointed out that Andrew wouldn't be able to participate on a Saturday.  Which brought up a question for me....can he change his mic batteries?  I've known Orthodox Jews who have told me they can't do things like operate light switches or ride in an elevator on the Sabbath.  And, hey, if he is the StaboTool, and he can't work on the Sabbath, all StaboTooling will just stop, right?

I've used the trivia shots to mark the times on the feeds and figure out how out of sync they are.  It's pretty bad.   From what I'm seeing between the earliest and the latest there is a 6 and a half minute delay.  And even the two feeds that are closest to being in sync are about a minute and a half apart.  I'm hoping Real fixes this, and the constant reloading.  


Back later when we have a POV winner. 


Ah...before I could even hit [post], feeds came back and Brendon has the back later with details. 

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