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feeding frenzy

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posted Thursday, 8 July 2010

And we're off.


The feeds kick in right on time, maybe even a bit early.  And I have to say, for the implementation of a major technology change,  things are working pretty well.  I'm getting a lot of reloading, and the feeds are so out of sync with each other that people are often appearing it two different rooms at same time.  But, we have decent quality video and audio, and I really can't complain.


Gamewise, we quickly learn that Rachel and Brendon are nom'ed.  I haven't heard anything about why they were chosen, though Brendon is apparently The Target.  There was also something about Rachel doing something "really rude" to Monet, but I didn't hear any details.  And someone, possibly the 2 nominees had some kind of a hammock/showmance incident.  They haven't played POV yet, though they picked players today.  I believe the picked players are Andrew, Enzo and Monet.  Kathy, Ragan, Rachel and Matt seem to be have-nots.  Kathy says she's been "sick" but it's unclear if that's independent of the slop or because of it.  Rachel's been remarkably quiet, but there's a strong history for slop dulling personalities. 

brandon rachel

The big drama right at the feed launch was something about Andrew lifting up Annie's sounds totally bizarre, but we've only heard her side.  It did lead to an early contender for Line of the Day.  Someone, I think Lane, says that Andrew "doesn't know any better because he's not used to being around normal people, just people like him."  And Britney responds "you generally should keep your face out of people's vaginas.  That's just common sense."

britney lane

Update on the Rachel/Monet thing: it seems Rachel drew Monet's name for POV and "made a face." 

enzo ragan

And everyone seems completely convinced that Andrew is the Saboteur.  He knows everyone thinks it's him and he's not doing a very good job of changing anyone's mind.  So, either it is him, and this is going to be another total dud of a twist for BB, or if it's not him, the actual Saboteur has them all fooled.  (I'm going with option A.)


There seems to be a legit alliance amongst Hayden, Enzo, Matt, and Lane.  Possibly with Britney as the token girl.  Beyond that I can't see any clear alignments.

hayden matt

That's all for now.  First few days are always about figuring out where we are.  Generally low on the drama, but that's okay, it's nice to ease into things. 

all eyecandy<

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