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posted Thursday, 8 July 2010

We've got a couple hours to kill before the real fun (no pun starts and the feeds kick in.  So, thoughts on the first show....

It's more of the same old stuff for the first new show: the staged "surprise! here's your key, you have an hour to pack!" footage, the summer camp style go around the circle and tell us [lies] about yourself.  The lies and omissions that I can recall were Mensa Matt keeping his IQ on the QT, Dr. Andrew, the podiatrist saying he's a shoe salesman (I actually thought that was kind of funny), Prof. Ragan saying he was a student, and of course Don't Hate B/C I'm Boob-iful Rachel not saying she's a chemist (though since, as I understand it, she doesn't currently work in a lab, the whole goggles and lab coat outfit was total BB fiction).

Some first show firsts of note: Julie's first 'but first' was about 8 minutes into the show; Rachel was the first HG through the door despite Andrew's mazel tov entrance publicity shot leading many to believe he was first in.

Not a whole lot to say about the comp.  The one thing I will say is that anyone who has watched BB (which most of them claim they have) knows that anyone who can't complete in the first HOH comp, will also be safe from nomination/eviction.  So the only thing Andrew was risking was putting a target on himself for Week 2.  And Week 2 is along time off from Day 1.

And speaking of days....Julie said they'd be in the house for "the next 75 days."  75 days from Day 1 (7/3) is Wednesday, Sept. 15th, which makes sense as the finale night. 

Re: the Saboteur....first, I say it's definitely a guy.  I've thought that all along since a.) there are more guys and b.) the prods seem to think guys make better Snakes and Tools.  The silhouette on Julie's monitor was definitely a guy, though not necessarily The Saboteur.  Presumably the scrambled DR image on the LR screen was the actual Saboteur and if that wasn't a guy they did a great job with the disguising.  Looking at the images and the behaviors tonight I think the leading suspects are Andrew, Matt and Ragan.  For a while I was leaning toward Andrew, but then decided that he was too obvious.  Remember, tonight's show was a pure TV edit.  My guess at the moment is Matt.  Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind....and we'll know when we know.

On the subject of Saboteur  People are supposed to call in and pay $1 to guess who it is?!  It's not even voting for anything.  Even free online voting seems pointless.  What do you get if you're right?  The honor of knowing you wasted time and maybe money?  Seriously....who would do this?

Anyway.  Line of the Show goes hands down to Rachel for "He's Jewish, so he wears a Yom Kippur I think it's called."

And now we wait for the feeds....the "test" feeds last night were taking forever to load, and Real has said they will be much faster once they start for real (again, no pun intended).  We've already gotten some (literal) oopsies: 


But the good news is that they do seem to be loading faster already, and they don't seem to time out.  And yes, I am that much of a Crazy BB Addict: I've had the test feeds running and the funky BB theme playing for hours.

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