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The Days of Big Brother 7

bb7Logo Big Brother 7, All Stars - Summer 2006


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Monday, November 20

Feed me...

Thursday, September 14

I think I need a 12-step program

Wednesday, September 13     

get real...or not

Tuesday, September 12

Chilltown, bay-bee

finally....I mean, finale

Monday, September 11

Big Boredom

Friday, September 8

there she goes....there she goes again

Thursday, September 7

the flip and the flop and the WTF?!?!

the price of dignity

The Great Mistake

Wednesday, September 6

There can be only one

"But I thought there was no Chilltown!"

Tuesday, September 5


It's getting chilly in Chilltown

Monday, September 4

turnabout and fair play

Saturday, September 2


the anticipation is KILLING me

Friday, September 1

blink and you miss it

Thursday, August 31

he's probably lying

Tuesday, August 29

happy hamsters

flame boy is MIA

Monday, August 28

alright, Mr. Producer

I just want to hold your hand

Saturday, August 26

and she lives to fight another day

Friday, August 25


Thursday, August 24

who do you love?

Wednesday, August 23


Tuesday, August 22

stop that!

Monday, August 21

roll the tape

Sunday, August 20

mommy, mommy, I want a Janie Doll!

Friday, August 18

can you overthrow yourself?

brilliant or bonehead?

this that and the other thing

Thursday, August 17

too late....way too late

waffle house

Wednesday, August 16

battle of the drama queens

Tuesday, August 15

the surly show

Friday, August 11

I'm getting dizzy

Thursday, August 10

let me call you "sweetheart"

Wednesday, August 9

more bad acting

Tuesday, August 8

My God, these people are annoying

Monday, August 7

What a bunch of cry-babies

Friday, August 4

that could have been better

Thursday, August 3

so, well, what's up...doc?

Wednesday, August 2

ring-ring! Hello kettle? This is the pot. You're black.

Tuesday, August 1

a little ditty about Jani and Diane

Monday, July 31

that's why he's the master

Thursday, July 27

please obtain a life

Monday, July 24

Summer lovin'