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more bad acting

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posted Wednesday, 9 August 2006
So, just like all the claims of "I'm so tired, I'm going to bed early" before the wake-up calls, last night we get everyone running around the BB house screaming about seeing "ghosts" of former HGs.  If Erika weren't such a bad actor I'd almost believe that she would react that way to a red face in the mirror, but she took it too far with her whole "oh, I'll never sleep alone again" bit.  OTOH, are we really supposed to believe that Boogie scares that easily?  Being startled by the face would have been one thing (if it hadn't already happened 17 times, you'd think he would have seen it coming), but then to continue to go run and hide and cry like a girl?  James jumping out and getting Janelle to scream was probably the only authetic surprise, though her reaction was still a bit over the top.

The only hamster that didn't seem to be playing was Dr. Will, apparently pouting b/c he'd been reprimanded for calling Julie "sweetheart."  But, that was almost a week ago and they're just getting around to saying something now?  Either they think he has a really pathetic attention span and were waiting until close to the next live show, or it's all part of the act.  Plus, he called it condescending himself right after the fact, so it's not like this was a new idea.  Either the writers stole it from him, or he totally made up the "spanking."  Or it was a writer plant in the first place.  Besides, why would he care that they called him condescending?  He is, and he knows it, and he's not one to worry about what other people think.  And ditto for why they'd even say anything.  Maybe I'm biased b/c it's something I say myself, but the whole sweetie/sweetheart thing, with that slightly arrogant tone actually works for me.  Sure it's condescending, but in a cute way.

As for the show, the portrayal of the James/Sarah phone call actually made me kind of like him again.  Which is good b/c it certainly seems like he's staying.  It's getting interesting b/c this is the second week in a row I've had some hope that Chilltown was going to do something dramatic and make things a bit more interesting.  Maybe they're not running this game quite as much as I thought (of course, everytime I think that I later realize that they totally are).  Finding out who got what in the veto comp. was nice to just satisfy my curiousity.   The Willboogie plan to "frame" Marcellas was amusing.  The one thing I didn't get was why the "traded" telling people W. got the trip and B. got the $5K (though it is kind of funny to think he got the cash after getting the cash at the HOH comp too).  And speaking of the trip, Erika did a terrible job of reading the advertising plug.  It was clear the trip was sponsored, but I doubt anyone could tell you by whom.  She needs some lessons from plug-master Mike Boogie.  I also now have a better understanding of what Danielle was supposed to be so upset about in confinement.  It wasn't that she was in there, it's that she is surrounded by idiots.  Or at least by people who she doesn't control quite as much as she thought.  The reverse is true too though.  Not putting up Marcellas was a good move for her.  To do it would have been letting the rest of the house run her HOH.  However, if I'd gotten a say M. would be so out of there.  His game of attaching his lips to the butt of whoever is in power is getting old real fast.

Speaking of things getting old, I'm so over all the trash talk.  I know it's "part of the game" and I don't mind it to a certain extent, but there's a line and people are crossing it.  Will crossed it in terms of his rants to the "Internet people" when he actually suggested that people should kill themselves.  Say what you want about people having no life and stereotype them as fat, geeky, D&D players, but suicide isn't funny.  Of course, 99.99% of people listening to that are just going to dismiss it as more of the same, but it's not worth the risk that there could be even one person out there who is that close to the edge that a comment like that could push them over.  Most people would feel bad enough to know that something they said hurt someone's feelings, but to have said something that might have led to someone being physically hurt?  It's like the "fighting words" doctrine; that's not okay to say.  And speaking of hate speech, that's the other crossing of the line.  All the going on about Janelle, stopping barely short of calling her a prostitute, is also not okay.  It's beyond rude, it's slanderous.  And particularly hypocritical is Miss Dani, sitting there saying she hates it when people make things personal.

So now that I've gone on about everything I hate, opening the question of why do I watch this crap? I'll say for the record that I'm still loving BB.  And once again, I don't really care who goes on Thursday.  As long as they keep things interesting and don't kill off my favorite characters, I'll keep tuning in.  My theory of the moment is that we can look forward to a final 4 of Willboogie, Danielle and Janelle; and maybe then a real game will start.  Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind at any point.  I've gone through a number of theories already.  I particularly keep going back and forth on how far the producers want Chicken George to go.

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