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let me call you "sweetheart"

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posted Thursday, 10 August 2006
Okay, I know I talked about this yesterday, but the drama continues.  They're still on about how Will's "in trouble" for calling JC sweetheart, and now supposedly they've told him that she's not going to ask him questions and he's not to speak at all during the live show.  (Of course if you take that literally, it will be much easier for him to throw the HOH competitions from now on.)  In answer to one of my questions yesterday, about why they would wait so long to bring it up, someone pointed out that  JC in only in town Wed.-Fri. or something like that.  So, it's possible that someone was giving her the update of what happened this week and mentioned Will's comment about it being condescending and that got her pissed off.  There's also a theory that Will is making the whole thing up.  I don't know, though.  He did seem genuinely annoyed the other night after the supposed lecture.  Is he that good an actor?  Maybe.  I think there is some acting skill there, probably more than anyone else on the show.  And there's a theory that this could be used as a catalyst for a fake rift within the Chilltown alliance, to make them appear less of a threat.  Shortly after Will explained the reprimand, etc. there was a comment from Boogie about the fact that W. had been in a good mood and playing the game, but this could ruin that.  And there have been a few "snippy" comments since then, though when it's just the 2 of them everything seems cool.

I really don't see what the big deal is.  If she was really offended, just tell him not to do it again.  Or let him apologize.  "Hey Julie, I just wanted to say that if I said anything that offended you last week, I'm sorry."  Of course, that makes it into even more of a "thing" since a lot of people watching the show would wonder WTF that was all about.  And on that note, if she really was offended--wow, grow a thicker skin.  It's not like he called her a bitch or something.

And in other news, who the heck is getting voted out tonight?  I'm pretty sure it's going to be Kaysar, but once again they are talking about doing something creative at the last minute.  That'd be cool.  But here's what I think is going on.  There's either a pre-arranged exit order, or the house really is in agreement every week.  The first several weeks it was blatantly obvious to anyone watching the feeds who was going, and that the votes were going to be unanimous, or almost so.  They can edit the TV show so it looks closer and more dramatic, but it was pretty boring for the "Internet people."  So, the producers say "you guys have to create more suspense."  The outcome will still be the same, but keep them guessing a little more.

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