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I'm getting dizzy

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posted Friday, 11 August 2006
The fix is in...or is it?...or not?...the fix is in.

I can't keep up with all this crap, and I'm getting to the point where I'm so over it anyway that I don't care. Last night's live BB was, in a word, lame. What were we watching for? First, does Julie ask Will a question? Yes. Okay, it was the same question to everyone, and she prefaced it with "just give a yes or no answer." But still. Second, does Will get to talk? Yes. Doesn't say much, but neither does anyone else. And just in case you still weren't convinced that sweetie-gate was a crock of shit, he pops into the diary room and calls her "Jules."

Next question. Who's out? Kaysar. Duh. That stupid "nullify vote" thing that James had pretty much ensured he was safe. I'm not sure the CT thing about "listen to the speeches" was real (actually, scratch that, I'm sure it wasn't real). They'd have arguably been better off keeping Kaysar, though probably not. And it doesn't matter anyway, b/c as I said James had it in the bag last Thursday.

Our "but first" of the evening: a piece about Willboogie's Moms. Their mothers like them. Whoa, shocker. We got a tiny bit of insight into Boogie, but nothing earth-shattering. Esp. since he told the story about being a "chubby kid" on the feeds a couple days ago. Coincidence? I think not. The only remotely amusing thing was B's mom saying she thinks the thing between him and Erika is real. And in case anyone had any doubt, she confirmed they know each other outside of the house. I just hope to God she hasn't been watching what E's foot has been up to with her little boy's, uh, little boys.

Then we get our little "haunted house" show. WTF? That was the stupidest thing I'd ever seen. And what was the point? Will looked bored, and I was right there with him. IIRC, they filmed that during his "I'm pissed they yelled at me" here's a new theory: he knew he could never pull off looking scared or interested in the "ghosts" so he came up with a reason to be in a bad mood starting out.

And then the most lame-ass HOH competition ever. Even the great Dr. Will had a hard time throwing it without looking like a complete moron. He should have just buzzed in slow rather than answer incorrectly. Then again, he clearly jumped off the net last week, despite claiming he "slipped." Not to mention everybody and their dog knows he throws everything. The surprise would be if we thought he was trying. And after the series of world's easiest questions (*I* could have answered all of them and I really don't pay that much attention) and a very obvious malfunction of Howie's buzzer, we get our new HOH: Erika.

My immediate reaction: what? Who the fuck is she going to nominate? She's in an alliance with everyone. Well, except Howie and Janelle, so up they go, and since Janie can't play POV, she's doomed. And I'm bummed b/c, as I keep saying, I just want the entertaining people to stay around. Will, Boogie, Janie definitely, sort of surprisingly followed by Howie and James, maybe Danielle. But Erika, Marcellas, and CG bore the hell out of me. So, I sort of half-heartedly followed the feed updates until about 7:30 BBT, figured, well, at least Erika will finally eat something, agreed that there was something screwy about the buzzers, but, what are you gonna do, and toddled off to bed having almost completely lost interest in what happens next. No drama? I'm going home.

So, imagine my surprise when I read the updates this morning. Apparently what they're going to do is have Howie throw a hissy fit and redo the comp. Yeah, it's not fair, but it seems things have never been fair in the BB house. So, we get Janie as HOH. No pink palace this time (I wonder if she got Erika's color scheme and they just swapped in her personal stuff?), but she's sitting pretty all the same. So, Erika's crying, claiming "it's not fair" and talking about suing. Umm, WTF for? It seems like everyone who leaves from now on is going to sequester, so the only way there's financial loss is if she can prove she would have won. If I'm wrong and there is one more eviction before sequester and she gets voted out *this* week, then she's got something (though possibly not b/c if the coup d'etat opens the potential for the HOH to be evicted....) But this is America. You can always sue. Wouldn't you love to be on that jury? Nah. CBS will totally settle if it comes to that.

In the end, we get some drama, so I'm back in the game. I wish it hadn't gone down the way it did b/c now we have to listen to all the "it's not fair" whining. You know what? Life's not fair. Move on.

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