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posted Tuesday, 15 August 2006
It's been a few days since I've done an update, so I have to go back and make a comment about last Friday's Early Show interview with Kaysar. WTF is wrong with CBS? For their "secret scene" they show a bit from the feeds with Janelle telling a story about attacking some girl with a knife b/c the girl had slept with Janie's b/f. Now, first place, anyone who saw the whole conversation will tell you that she almost immediately said she was kidding/exaggerating (of course they don't show that on the ES). Secondly, they show this to Kaysar, who was sitting right there when she was telling the story, and ask what he thinks of Janelle now. This was stupid. It wasn't like when they showed him footage of how James was stabbing him in the back (no pun intended), which was actually news to him. But K. handled it well, giving an answer that allowed Julie Chen to say he wanted to "lose her number", but at the same time not totally trashing his friend. CBS clearly wants us to see Janie as the psycho bitch from hell. I'm not sure why. They'd be a lot better off playing her up as the naive dumb blonde and letting everyone laugh at her as she gets played by the Evil Dr. Will.

They're clearly moving into "showmance" territory, given the grainy green video teaser at the end of Sunday's show. And the hamsters are cooperating nicely, with a couple of R-rated nights on the feeds. Will and Janie are fun to watch; we always like to see the 2 prettiest people on the show together. And even though he's clearly using her, and she's probably using him just a bit herself, the producers have done a good job of keep reality off the TV show, so anyone who doesn't take advantage of any supplimental material may not realize that not only does he have a serious girlfriend in real life, but she's someone who understands as well as anyone how this reality TV game is played, and despite his protestations to the contrary is hardly likely to break up with him for flirting his way to the end of the game. And either way, one gets the impression that when it comes time for Will to turn on Janelle, he'll do it with the same charm and subtlety that he plays the whole game, and everyone will love/hate him to the exact same degree they do now.

Boogie and Erika, on the other hand, are a lot more disturbing. There's part of me that believes that they're each playing the other one in exactly the same way. That is, there is maybe a little bit of attraction/interest on both sides, but winning the game is a lot more important. We heard a tiny hint of guilt in something Boogie said recently to the effect of he thought she was just messing with him, but maybe there were some real feelings there. Maybe, but I'm not buying it. She seems a lot more interested in cozying up to him when she's in danger of getting voted out. And she's made a number of game moves that are less than loyal. And his fake proposal was just insulting. First place, dude, have a little creativity. And second place, if she did notice it was the exact same thing he said to Krista, and didn't comment, that just proves she's playing a game. And if she didn't notice, she's just not paying attention. Though, I have to say, it did lead to the line of the week: (somone): How long did your engagement to Krista last? B: About 15 minutes.

It would make pretty good television if she gets voted out this week, having been so confident that she has CT wrapped around her little finger. I'd feel bad for her if her feelings are sincere, but I'd get over it pretty quickly.

Speaking of good television, we should get a pretty entertaining veto ceremony tonight, with CG thinking he's going up (why wouldn't he think that? he was told he was) being shocked when he doesn't. And Marcellas after being promised up and down that he wouldn't be nominated, going up, proving once again that Will is totally running this game. Of course, Janie promised M. that even though he was being nominated, there was no way he would leave. Given recent history, that should be a clear message to him (and us) that he'd better pack his bags. Not to mention that J's reasoning made no sense (she didn't want to nom CG, in case "something went wrong" and he left instead of E, so she's nominating M. who is....less popular?).

I'll save my thoughts on who will/should go for tomorrow.

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