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The Days of Big Brother 15

bb15Big Brother 15 - Summer 2013


BB15 Day 1


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Daily Index

Wednesday, September 18 it's so over
Tuesday, September 17 no one deserves to win
Sunday, September 15 dude, this is frickin' lame
Saturday, September 14 reality
Friday, September 13 they got brunch, I got nothin'
Thursday, September 12 bb exterminated
Wednesday, September 11 rumour has it
Monday, September 9 expect the worst
Sunday, September 8 the truth is out there
Saturday, September 7 the first cut is the deepest
Friday, September 6 payback, bitch
Thursday, September 5 double, double, we're in trouble
Wednesday, September 4 lost: 1 pet rat
Tuesday, September 3 ring of truce
Monday, September 2 a new BB record
Sunday, September 1 out of the loop
Saturday, August 31 homewrecker
Friday, August 30 whose game is it anyway?
Thursday, August 29 when aaryn met julie
Wednesday, August 28 BB kinda sucks this year....but we're still watching...ZIIIIING!!!
Tuesday, August 27 spoiler alert
Monday, August 26 it's 3AM, time to call an exterminator
Sunday, August 25 there is a line, and it's been crossed
Saturday, August 24 and now, things get interesting
Friday, August 23 oh, sheet
Thursday, August 22 it takes a lot of balls to win BB
Wednesday, August 21 save our show!
Tuesday, August 20 love, helen
Monday, August 19 so close
Sunday, August 18 loyalty lies
Saturday, August 17 have a harm
Friday, August 16 head of the cheese
Thursday, August 15 'ello poppet
Wednesday, August 14 math is hard
Tuesday, August 13 jessie's big surmise
Monday, August 12 prenuptial agreement
Sunday, August 11 5 stages of grief for judd
Saturday, August 10 andy holding the pov
Friday, August 9 mung beans
Thursday, August 8 in a hot minute
Wednesday, August 7 candice crushed saga
Tuesday, August 6 someone's boorish, someone's blue; something's wrong, what else is new?
Monday, August 5 new looks
Sunday, August 4 boys booze, girls grill
Saturday, August 3 clowns, cones, and conflagrations
Friday, August 2 use your words
Thursday, August 1 rollin', rollin', rollin'
Wednesday, July 31 plan C
Tuesday, July 30 plan A
Monday, July 29 mvp: the latest theory
Sunday, July 28 it is what it is
Saturday, July 27 thou canst not then be false to any man
Friday, July 26 to thine own self be true
Thursday, July 25 crapshoot: shoot! crap!
Wednesday, July 24 mud slinging
Tuesday, July 23 i've got a theory
Monday, July 22 and the winner is...
Sunday, July 21 the real replacement nominee roulette
Saturday, July 20 up next
Friday, July 19 bunny-boiler and clyde
Thursday, July 18 all hail king judd
Wednesday, July 17 bouncy house
Tuesday, July 16 fight for it?
Monday, July 15 showmance history
Sunday, July 14 everyone's special
Saturday, July 13 house of tears
Friday, July 12 the truth is out there
Thursday, July 11 hel' to play
Wednesday, July 10 no girls allowed
Tuesday, July 9 they're better muted
Monday, July 8 the company they keep
Sunday, July 7 what you don't know can hurt you
Saturday, July 6 unbearable
Friday, July 5 re-vp
Thursday, July 4 co-dependence day
Wednesday, July 3 in vino veritas
Tuesday, July 2 accidental delivery
Saturday, June 29 up and down
Friday, June 28 backdoor is open
Thursday, June 27 twisted sister
Wednesday, June 26 bb time


Friday, June 21 it's too early for this stuff