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showmance history

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posted Monday, 15 July 2013

Kaitlin's been saying that DR told her that if she used the veto, it would be the first time in BB history that a HG has used the veto knowing that their showmance partner would be the repl-nom, and that's exactly what happened today. Whether or not the Jerelin showmance is history is not yet completely clear. The plan is certainly for Jeremy to meet Julie on Thursday, but it's not over yet. Jeremy started some subtle (and not so subtle) campaigning even before he was on the block, and not expect him to lay down and die now that he's up there.

It's hard to say if Jer's really got a chance. A number of them are dead set on him going--namely Amanda, Elissa, and Candice. For now Jeremy's trying to swing the vote to Spencer, but he might have a better chance on getting Aaryn out. Both evictions so far have had a forgotten third nominee, and there's always a chance that splitting the votes among all three could result in a surprise eviction.

That's all for today. Expect campaigning and possibly flipping or other drama in the next few days, but we're taking it easy tonight at mybbpov, hoping for nothing too exciting on the feeds, and resting up for the week to come.

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