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posted Sunday, 14 July 2013

Helen's HOH-itis continues to run rampant. She spent quite a while this morning ranting about how horrible Jeremy is and how much he has to go. She got so loud that the HGs gathered in the kitchen (including Jeremy) could hear that she was yelling and even could make out a few words (like "Jeremy").

The thing about the house right now is that certain people think they are aligned with everyone and that just doesn't work. Sure, Jeremy's public enemy number one right now, but after him there's no agreement. A small number of them are still against Aaryn and her Mean Girl cohorts, but the general consensus is actually that she's "alone" now and not a threat. The next target of the moment is Howard, followed closely by Spencer.

The truth is if you think you're aligned with everyone, you're probably aligned with no one. There are sub-alliances within the big alliance, and those are the ones that will most likely stick. I think the worst offender is Helen, having some sort of a deal with every single person in the house, including Aaryn (which, by the way, I notice the show is conveniently not mentioning). Second worst is Andy, who has an uncanny ability to pop up anytime anyone is talking game. He's got deals of some sort with almost everyone, but I also think he's like the kid brother that no one really wants around and he'll be the first out of most of his "alliances."

Everything seems to be on track for Kaitlin to use the veto on herself tomorrow and Jeremy will go up as the repl-nom. They're all talking about his eviction as if it's a fait accompli, and it may well be, but you never know.

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