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house of tears

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posted Saturday, 13 July 2013

The craziness continued late into the night last night. McCramanda and Helandy laid out a plan to Elissa that Howard go up as the MVP nom. Howard and Spencer both showed up in HOH, and gave some impassioned mea culpa speeches. Elissa got called to the DR with just about everyone sitting there. On her way out she said something about "consensus" and left them all with the impression that she'd be nom'ing Howard. At some point McCrae decided to take the heat off Elissa, and let Candice believe that he had gotten MVP and Howard would be going up. Candice went and reported back to Howard/Spencer. Judd was also around and was really confused to hear that McCrae had won MVP over Elissa. (I'm pretty sure someone clued him in later.)

When Elissa got back from DR she told the HOH crew that she didn't think she'd gotten MVP. Everyone was super-shocked, and Amanda called BS. After a lot of back and forth and bad poker-face from Elissa, it came out that she had won it, but she'd nom'ed Spencer, not Howard. McCrae had to scamper downstairs and do damage control. He pulled Howard aside and said he was willing to "make a deal." Before long about half the house was believing that McCrae was MVP not only this week, but last week as well.

BB woke them up way early for POV. Picked players were Candice and GM, so Operation BackDoor Jeremy (or maybe Howard) was full steam ahead. The only concern was that if Kaitlin won, she wouldn't save herself because she didn't want Jeremy to go up. So the plan was to tell her that she's safe on the block, unless she wins POV and stays up, in which case they'd all send her packing.

So naturally, when we get back from trivialand, it's Kaitlin with the POV. About half the house is in tears. Helen's (fake) crying because she feels so betrayed by Howard/Spencer, Kaitlin's crying because she's going to be responsible for Jeremy going, Aaryn's crying because people think she's racist, GM's crying because she lost Nick's chapstick (not really--it was really b/c she feels bad about Kaitlin's quandary), Andy's crying about....something.

Kaitlin does tell everyone that she's going to save herself because she doesn't want to go home. She rehearses a pitch to repl-nom Howard with Andy, and then the two of them trot up to HOH. Helen, whose HOH-itis has progressed to Stage 47, listens but tells her she can't go "against the house."

Jeremy actually takes the news better than anyone. He says it's okay and he's going to walk out with his head held high. Personally, I think he's starting a subtle campaign to stay, which might well be successful. It's a long way to Thursday and you never know who might melt down or blow up.

There were comments last night between fishes-interruptus from both Helen and Elissa that made it sound like they were each pressured slightly by DR not to nom Howard. My theory there is that with all the racism stories in the mainstream media the idea of Aaryn and Howard on the block against each other, and especially the talk of booting Howard over Aaryn would be a PR nightmare for the network and the show.

Helen continues to work on deals withe everyone and has taken to SHOUTING pretty much everything she says. She also seems to believe that she can have complete control over everything Elissa does as MVP, and doesn't even need to discuss things with her. To Elissa's credit she has really started standing up for herself, and is doing what she wants.

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