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the truth is out there

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posted Friday, 12 July 2013

With Nick gone and Helen having won HOH the death knell has sounded for the Moving Company. So the now unemployed movers had nothing to do but scramble for positions in the new power alliance. McCrae was the first to confess, to Amanda. Amanda then told Helen, and literally minutes later Jeremy came and told Helen. Unbeknownst to Helen, Candice was in the HOH bathroom the whole time Jeremy/Helen were talking so she knows everything.

McCrae also went around and told Elissa, Andy, Judd, etc. Jeremy has also told most of those people. Jeremy outed himself to Kaitlin, who later told Aaryn. Plus both Amanda and Helen told Aaryn. I think at this point the only person who hasn't been told at least once is GM, in part because she's still in full mourning for Nick, carrying around his chapstick, mug, and hat. What's really funny is that everyone is taking the "don't tell anyone I told you this" route and people are pretending not to have already heard this 5 times each time they hear the story. It's getting very humorous watching them all try to keep track of which pointless lie they're supposed to be telling.

Howard sat down for his pre-nom chat with Helen and she asked him if he was being totally honest with her. He started out saying that he was. Helen started to sniffle about how someone had clearly lied about the vote. Howard and Spencer were already planning to try to pin it on Jessie, but that didn't fly because no one believed Jessie would jump ship without Judd's support. Same with Amanda/McCrae. So since it was only one vote that flipped they knew it was either Howard or Spencer. They were also pretty sure that How/Spence were in cahoots to have a stray vote to cover their bases in case Jeremy or Kaitlin had won HOH.

Howard eventually asked Helen if she would forgive the stray voter if that person confessed. Helen said of course she would. That prompted him to come clean. Helen continued to sniffle/cry and talk about how betrayed she felt, but she did say she forgave him. She then asked if there was anything else Howard wanted to tell her. He continued to say no and then she went on to tell him that she had heard there was an all-guy alliance that he was a part of. He still denied, she named all the MC members, and he still denied, though acknowledged that maybe the other 4 had something.

Shortly after that convo Howard found out that Helen already knew the truth. So he and Spencer realized they had to come clean. By this point Helen has decided that Howard is her number one target. She decided to nominate Kaitlin and Aaryn as the HOH noms, but told them they are both pawns. She's then planning to have Elissa put up Howard as the MVP nom (they're not even considering the possibility that someone other than Elissa will get MVP). They're implying to Howard that the idea is to have someone strong play POV, win it, and then backdoor Jeremy. But Helen has also told Jeremy that he's not really her target and she'd actually like to work with him. Helen has also continued to talk to Aaryn about having a frenemies deal.

Basically Helen has made an alliance of some sort with everyone in the house, and she has come down with a major case of HOH-itis. She's completely convinced that she has all the power this week and everything will go exactly according to her plan, or at the very least, according to her backup plan.

It seems Elissa did in fact get MVP again. She got called to the DR around the same time she found at last week, and when she came out she had a chat with McCrae and Amanda where they told her the whole "nom Howard" plan. They explained that Helen didn't nom him to keep the blood off her hands, and Elissa responds that it sucks that she has to do all the dirty work. McCrae offers to go around and say he got MVP, but Elissa says no, don't do that. She doesn't quite come out and say that she got it (at least that I heard) but she certainly was talking like she got it, so I'm going to call it. But I won't say it's a foregone conclusion that she'll go along with the Howard plan. She does like the idea of Howard because he'll fight for veto and make a b-d Jeremy plan more feasible. But if Jeremy can't go, I think Elissa would much rather see Aaryn booted than Howard.

The confessions from the MC members continue into the evening. The story is getting more and more refined with each telling. BB will get some good TV out this, but it's pretty much the same story on a loop. So, that's all from me for now.

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