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posted Thursday, 11 July 2013

A few days ago it seemed there was no chance of Elissa staying in the house over any MC member. But after a lot of hard work from Helen, Andy, Amanda and Judd, McCrae was pulled away from the bro-mance, and last night there was that spark of hope. And then Helen continued on a roll, and actually managed to sway Spencer. Spencer then went to Howard and McCrae and by the time they went behind the trivia for the liveshow, it seemed like the only votes for Elissa to go would be coming from Jeremy, GM and Kaitlin.

During the pre-show discussions, McCrae proposed to Spencer and Howard that he (McC) would go ahead and vote for Elissa to go so as to not totally piss off Jeremy. I'm not sure if he was serious, or just testing them. Anyway, they both told him they wanted the vote to go down 8-3. But apparently they thought the base-covering plan was a good one and that's why Howard voted to evict Elissa. After the show Spencer and Howard discussed pinning the vote on Jessie, and planted a few seeds to that effect. Candice bought into it, but everyone else realizes what they're up to. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Great show, with an epic blindside, further Aaryn-trashing, and an excellent exit interview from Julie with Nick. And then it was out to HOH. I figured Helen had this one in the bag. She Jedi-drilled like a champ last night and wanted it more than anyone. The person who surprised me the most was Kaitlin. She was a strong second in the comp, but we needed the powershift.

Back in the house, Helen is over the moon. Plus, she's one of the most gracious winners ever. She did mention wondering who "voted wrong" but quickly dropped it, saying they'd just enjoy the moment and worry about it later.

Meanwhile GM is having a fantastic meltdown over the death of her showmance. She's sobbing like her dog died, and decked out in tribute wear. Aaryn's telling Kait/Jeremy she's sure she's the target of the week, though I honestly think it's an act. She and Helen had a conversation the other day about having a frenemy deal.


Lines of the Day

Helen: I've dreamt of going from on the block to HOH...HOH, Helen on High!
Jeremy to Helen: I feel screwed, but I congratulate you on your gameplay, that was awesome.
Jeremy: I'm an interpersonal communications major & supposed to be able to read people. I've obviously got a lot more class to go to.
Kaitlin to Aaryn: I don't want to be in this house w/o you or Jeremy.
GM: Why, Judd, why? Why, why, why? *sob*
Kaitlin/Aaryn: We are the minority.
(me: oh beautiful irony!)

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