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no girls allowed

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posted Wednesday, 10 July 2013

At the beginning of the week I felt completely confident that if Elissa put up Nick (or any MC member) as the MVP repl-nom she was pretty much sealing her own fate. The MC seems to be Brigade 2.0, with the added twist of some of the members being way more disgusting than the Bro-gaders ever were. But as the days have worn on there has been a flicker of hope. I think the DR is asking the non-MCers enough questions about a potential guys alliance to really get them thinking. The main problem is that when they do start to put pieces together they end up sharing their thoughts with someone in the MC and so the guys have a chance to deflect.

But as of late this afternoon it seems like enough of them are convinced that there is at least a Nick/Jeremy/Howard/Spencer deal that Andy, Amanda, Candice, Jessie and Judd are all on board to kick-Nick. And they think they have McCrae. Though they've all promised Elissa they'll be keeping her they've also all gone to Aaryn and said the exact opposite. Obviously one of those promises is base-covering, and it seems most likely that they'd lie to Aaryn....why bother lying to Elissa? The real question mark is McCrae. Is he still all about the MC, or, as hinted in his DR on tonight's show, has he seen enough of Jeremy's true colors and is ready to jump ship?

Everyone has agreed to keep Spencer and Howard out of the loop, and of course Nick/Jeremy know nothing, I don't see McCrae spilling the beans because that would be a blatant betrayal of the other group. But I can see him voting either way. He's telling Amanda and Co. that he'll vote with them as long as Jessie is 100% on board, given that a few days ago she was all about Aaryn and Co. But Jessie's finally had some success in her quest for a showamance and managed to pin down Judd. And since he's on TeamElissa, I think she'll stick.

Between Nick and Elissa, I honestly don't care much who goes. I actually like both of them more that most of the HGs, but at the same time I'm not terribly attached to either of them. And while I actually don't like the advantage that Elissa has just by virtue of being Rachel-Related, I would rather have that going on than have a rerun of the Bro-gade, especially with people who disgust me as much as Spencer and Jeremy do. I do like McCrae and Howard, but I'd much rather see them team up Helen/Judd, etc. than the MC boys.

So while I'd rather see Elissa stay, the MC get blown up and for once have a strong female contingent in the house, if it does go the other way I'll be happy enough with the fact that Nick's not so bad, and it will still reveal the boy's alliance. It's not actually a boys vs. girls issue for me. I just don't like seeing any group steamroll through the entire game.

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