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bouncy house

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posted Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Jeremy's been all over the house today, working on saving himself by throwing Aaryn under that fabled bus. He's realized there's no way he's going to get out Spencer, so his only hope is Aaryn. He's spreading rumours that Aaryn is going to go back on her deal not to target Helen/Elissa (may be true, but I don't think Aaryn's actually told him that). He's also got "promises" from McCrae, Amanda and Judd that they'd vote to save him if it weren't against the house. They're actually just telling him that to shut him up, but he's still working on digging up the one more vote it would take to call in that promise.

I'm relatively sure this will all come to nothing, but it will provide excellent misdirection fodder for the show tomorrow. Once again I really don't care who goes this week. Spencer is just disgusting on so many levels, and pretty useless in the game. Jeremy is annoying and cocky and not much fun for me to watch. Plus he's got the potential to stream-roll through comps, and I never like that. And Aaryn, well, she's Aaryn. In a way I'd love to see her go just to watch the awkwardness that would be her chat with Julie.

In Showmantic news, Howard and Candice have officially joined in. They've been sleeping in the same bed and cuddling for a while now, but things have moved up a notch or two in the last couple of days. He made a comment when alone this evening that it's just his social game, but it's clearly more than game for her. Judd and Jessie are also becoming a bit more of a thing, and though I'm pretty sure on his part it's mostly gam, the thing about Juddn is that he seems like a genuinely nice guy and even in "playing" her he's treating her with more respect than a lot of showmances we've seen that have been more 'mancey and less show (ahem, Brendon). Supporting Judd in the chivalrous knight role is that nastiness that is Spencer. He's been making lots of disgusting comments about Jessie. Judd is afraid that Jessie (who of course has the emotional age of about 12) might get drawn in by any guy who's nice to her, so he's been trying to run interference and warn her that she needs to watch out for Spencer's "crush." It's a good strategy for him because to her it comes across as jealousy, which makes her feel all the more special.

A few words on the show. The comp looked fun and challenging, and it was clearly not "throw-able" since each person had no idea how anyone else was doing. As far as the edit, a lot got left out, most notably the whole FauxMVP thing, which admittedly would have just been confusing to the TVOVs. There was also no portrayal of Helen's major case of HOH-itis, though we could theoretically see that tomorrow (don't bet on it, but anything is possible).

In any case, a whole new week starts tomorrow, and that's a good thing. CBS has a poll up to vote for things like who's the Queen of Mean, and Knight of Naughtiness and such, and the HOH comp will be one of those "what did America say?" things. That's a good comp for the self-aware (so not so great for Aaryn and GM) and for those who understand the viewers (so good for people like McCrae, Andy, Judd, maybe Amanda or Elissa). But HGs have surprised me before. I'm just hoping for a winner who brings us a good week of entertainment.

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