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all hail king judd

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posted Thursday, 18 July 2013

Despite a lot of setup to provide BB with misdirection fodder, Jeremy's been D-U-N done for days, so it was a surprise to no one except maybe a few TVOVs when he got the nearly unanimous boot tonight. Then it was out to play HOH, based on our answers to the royally styled "most likely to..." questions. As I predicted, the super-fans and the self-aware had the best shots. I didn't call Kaitlin hanging in as long as she did, but that's mostly because I've been overlooking her as she's been overshadowed by Lord AssHat Jeremy.

I couldn't have been happier than with Judd as King of the House for the week. He's fast becoming one of my favorites. As it turns out both Judd and McCrae were actually trying to throw HOH to Kaitlin on the tie-breaker, but it seems none of them can estimate milk tub capacities worth a damn (neither can I, so I don't judge). Regardless I've got high hopes for Judd. He's in good standing with just about everyone, and he's unlikely to blow it even with HOH. As long as he's not as susceptible to HOH-itis as Helen was (which I'm pretty sure he's not) it should be a good week.

I saw the MVP twist coming, but I didn't call it on Twitter, so it doesn't count. The HGs have been speculating on what Julie's "expect the unexpected" comment meant, but so far I haven't heard anyone come close to getting it. DR will probably ask enough leading questions that someone will catch on, but perhaps not. Conventional wisdom out here is that this is all a plot to get Aaryn up and out, but who knows. Whatever happens it could cause all sorts of drama in the house. We can only hope.

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