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posted Friday, 2 August 2013

GM's HOH reveal brought us beauty queen crowns, a picture of Nick, butter, and a lot of uniquely GM pontificating. She was happy, and everyone was reasonably enthusiastic and chipper for a week 6 HOH, especially after an endurance comp. The Have Notties were let off restriction at midnight and eating and drinking began. Before long it was fight night deluxe.

Amanda was at the core of most of the fighting. The root of the issue was the attempted vote flipping to keep Howard and send her packing. At some point in the past boy-crazy Jessie said she thinks McCrae is not, so Amanda's decided that Jess wants to get rid of Amanda and hook up with McCrae.

Candice and Amanda also went at it, mostly surrounding the alleged inappropriate comment from Howard. Candice couldn't believe that Howard would say such a thing, and Amanda kept saying that she didn't tell Candice earlier because she didn't want to upset her. Most of their exchanges were off camera. BB has been avoiding this topic ever since it happened.

Things wrapped up with McCrae and Amanda getting HOH as their "honeymoon suite" but their pillow talk was a lot of gametalk with him telling her she shouldn't be so aggressive with everyone. She pointed out that it's worked for others, like Evel Dick. Which led to McCrae saying that was because Dick had a support system and that he (McC) isn't Daniele.

GM has named Candice as her topic target since hopping off the log. She briefly considered Spencer as the co-nom, but that quickly shifted to Jessie thanks to input from McCramanda, Helen and Aaryn. Pre-nom HOH meetings were pretty entertaining. GM told everyone except Candice that Candice was the target and she'd appreciate if they'd vote her out, but she also respects that they have their own minds and should vote however they feel is best for them. Amanda's already started a Kick-Jessie campaign.

The come back from noms and everyone's talking about GM's speech. Apparently she threw a few zingers, and had a lot of them laughing throughout the ceremony. For once it gives us something to look forward to on the Sunday show. As planned Candice and Jessie were the noms. Jessie was told she's the pawn, and that Spencer wasn't nom'ed because they think Jessie has a better chance of beating Candice for POV. (Never mind that Spencer won POV last week.) Candice wasn't told much at all.

They all agree that it doesn't matter who goes up as the MVP nom because they'll vote out one of the HOH noms. As I said yesterday, I completely agree, and I'm just hoping for entertainment out of an unexpected nominee, preferably Helen. Who, by the way, was not uninvolved in the fight drama. She's not a big voice like Amanda, but she's definitely a background instigator.

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