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clowns, cones, and conflagrations

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posted Saturday, 3 August 2013

Amanda went up as the MVP nom and immediately went into panic mode again. She's convinced more than ever that Judd is the MVP, and furious that anyone would dare nominate her. She went to work on all the non-nom POV players (GM, Judd, and Spencer) to use the veto on her. This sent Aaryn into a bit of a pout because she believed Candice is the MVP and that Aaryn would be the repl-nom if Amanda came of the block.

McCrae went to GM and told her not to use the veto on Amanda, since no one was going to vote her out anyway. Amanda came in and heard this and got really upset. McCrae tried to explain that pissing off Aaryn was not a good idea, and it was totally unnecessary to ask GM to use the veto anyway. Amanda countered with the idea that if the 3rd nom was so super-safe, why did it matter if it was Aaryn. This loop continued and got louder and louder until they went off behind the trivia for the comp.

Turned out Amanda's meltdown was really irrelevant anyway because Jessie ended up with the POV. It was a Pollyanna exchange comp, and Judd actually won, but ended up taking $5K and leaving Jessie with the veto. Spencer got the other good prize, a Bahamas trip. On the punishment end GM is stuck in a Cone of Shame, dog/cat "lampshade" for 48 hours, Amanda has to get 50 Shades of Orange spray-tans, and Candice is in a Clownie-tard for the week.

Another major fight took place off-feeds with Amanda and Candice getting into it during the POV comp. It sounds like BB is going to have to do some really creative editing to work around some very not-safe for TV comments. It's not clear who started it, and of course both sides are blaming the other.

Candice did throw out that Amanda was accusing Judd of being MVP (and that Helen and Elissa were aware Amanda had said this). This ended up with Judd getting a little paranoid that he should have taken the veto to ensure he was safe. GM of course assured he he's not going up. Judd then went and checked with McCrae who denied that he or Amanda thought Judd was MVP. He then checked in with Elissa, asking who thought he was MVP. She wouldn't name names herself, but gave him an 'mmmhmm' when he asked McCrae/Amanda? and a 'no' when he asked Helen? (The truth is that all 3 believe Judd's MVP, if anyone has doubt it's McCrae.)

Another round of drama started up when Aaryn got wind of Elissa starting to campaign to keep Candice. Aaryn then went to GM and suggested that Elissa should be the repl-nom. When Amanda heard this she freaked out because she felt it could end up splitting the votes in such a way that Amanda could end up getting kicked.

It all settled down after Helen talked to Elissa and got her to at least say that she'd vote out Candice. The plan for now is back to Spencer as the repl-nom and Candice becoming another victim of the costume curse. But it is only Saturday.

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