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boys booze, girls grill

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posted Sunday, 4 August 2013

They got a modest booze delivery last night and the guys took all of it for the "bachelor party." Amanda in particular was not pleased and kept demanding a glass of something. Eventually she stopped asking and just took. The guys said the girls could have all of the next booze delivery, but no one knows when that might be.

Today Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and Jessie did get a bit to drink at the BBQ party that Helen won for losing HOH. They all demonstrated stellar lack of grill operating skills, but managed to get everything mostly cooked (we think). The conversation was pretty much non-game related, just chatting about home and family and football and stuff. But yet we know that some of them are always in game mode, so don't think it was just a day at the grill.

Amanda continues to get occasionally summoned to spray on the orange, and she's definitely getting a glow. The unpainted circles around her eyes from the goggles are definitely giving her Cheeto's face, and I'm pretty sure she'll have a full on Oompa-Loompa complexion by the time this punishment is done (no one knows exactly when that is that I've heard), and I'm sure that's the idea.

Speaking of entertainment, GM's still in her dog cone, and there's a spare one floating around, so others have tried on the look as well. And Candice is taking the clown costume pretty well, though she says she can't breathe through the nose and it's spent more time on her forehead than anywhere else.

There's been a bit of a stir to set up a Kick-Amanda plan and Save Candice from the Costume Curse. It, of course, started with Jessie, at least on the surface. But Helen seems to be on board, and that gives it potential. So far it's just Helen, Elissa and Jessie in on the deal officially. Helen did drop a hint to Andy and there's been discussion about bringing in Judd. Either of those, especially Andy, could spill to McCramanda and blow the whole thing out of the water. If that happens, I just hope it blows back on Helen.

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