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new looks

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posted Monday, 5 August 2013

Jessie of course vetoed herself off the block, and despite various last minute paranoia driven repl-nom suggestions, GM went with the original plan and put up Spencer. The Kill Amanda came to nothing as Andy spilled pretty much everything and refused to jump on board. Judd's also a no-go, and has gotten closer to Aaryn. He told her he was going to get back to flirting with Jessie, but just for game. He then proceeded to give Jessie more attention and affection in one night than he has all season so far.

Judd had been a safe HG to root for. He was being the genuine, nice guy; funny but not offensive. But playing Jessie this way, knowing how naive and vulnerable she is, is just wrong. And he's spending so much time around Aaryn, GM and Spencer that following Judd on the feeds is leading me into hearing more stuff I just don't want to hear. Not necessarily out of his mouth, but still. It's a new look for Judd, and not a good color on him.

Speaking of color, Amanda's fully become an Oompa Loompa now. She finished up her sprayings this evening and has quite a glow about her. It's been an entertaining punishment. She's not enjoying it exactly, but she's taking it in stride. And to make it even funnier, a few of the other girls keep asking for turns in the spray booth and getting denied by BB. And for the ones who don't want bronzing, Amanda's been chasing them down and smearing tan on them.

GM was released from her cone a tiny bit ahead of schedule, and then sat down in Elissa's salon chair to get her roots redone, and adopted the tinfoil hat look for a bit.

Candice is presumably still in the clown suit, but she's taken to her bed and hasn't been seen much today. The bachelorette party is planned for this evening, and since we assume there will be alcohol things could get interesting.

And....Here's Andy! I realized the other day that despite the fact that he pops up everywhere on the feeds he's one of the most frequently missing from my daily shots.

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