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someone's boorish, someone's blue; something's wrong, what else is new?

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posted Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The rude, crude, and completely unacceptable comments continue to spew out of Spencer, GM and Amanda, but what else is new? GM had a major freak out after doing her HOH blog because she can't spell and was feeling stupid. Helen did a great mom job of calming her down, telling her she was special for just being her. The feeds went to "no signal" for a while, and no one really cared all that much. Then we got a new technical difficulties screen for a while before things seemed to get sorted out.

There's still talk of having the bachelorette party later this evening, but we've heard that before. And it's still looking like Candice will be Clownie Cartwheeling out the door on Thursday. There's chatter in there and out here that it will be a nine person jury (meaning the two kicked in the double eviction will both head to the jury house). If that's right, it makes my prediction half right; 9 person jury, but 2 finalists. It also means that the HGs worrying about getting certain people out before jury is now pointless. There's also a theory that the MVP twist will end this week.

That's all I've got for now.

Lines of the Day

GM: Guys have always made me feel stupid. Nick never made me feel stupid so I really likeded him.
Helen: There's millions of people in the world who are book-smart. There's one GinaMarie.
Amanda: They'll probably edit it [the blog].
Helen: When you read  is there a typo on anything? No, of course not.
me: Um, about that.....

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