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posted Thursday, 15 August 2013

So, Jessie was evicted. Shocker. Whatever.

Julie started out the show by hinting that there would be news about a returning juror. And sure enough, at the end she revealed that next week the first 4 jurors will compete to go back into the game. Out here we were all hoping it would be a viewer a vote to determine the returnee, but oh well. Now we can just hope that we don't get a boomerang eviction with whoever goes this week coming right back.

Anyway, back in the game. They pop out to play HOH, and it's the knock-out style comp. guessing whether songs are referring to an HOH, POV of HHN comp. It comes down to Amanda vs. Aaryn (after McCrae obviously answers incorrectly to push Amanda to the finals), and Aaryn seems ready to throw the comp, but eventually answers when Amanda can't come up with anything. Aaryn's clearly not thrilled with her win.

When the feeds come back, Amanda's in tears because she (in her own words) sucks so much she can't win a comp even when it's handed to her. She eventually calms down and realizes this is better anyway because Aaryn's going to be her puppet once again. Amanda even tells Aaryn that she wasn't really upset, she just didn't want anyone to know that she was happy Aaryn won.

Amanda's plan is for Aaryn to nominate Helen and Elissa, with Helen as the target. They'll tell Helen that Elissa's the target, and Helen's only going up because she's so closely aligned with Elissa. They will also argue that it's actually good for Helen because Elissa can go to jury without Helen having any part in her eviction. (I also note that when Helen goes Aaryn can argue that she didn't know how the others were going to vote.)

Elissa secured her spot in Aaryn's bad graces when before the liveshow she said that she didn't want to sit on the couch between Aaryn and GM because they are "despicable people." Aaryn has said she was genuinely offended by the comment. When GM asked why Elissa doesn't like them, Aaryn correctly notes it is because of the offensive comments/jokes that they've made. GM is just confused and thinks Aaryn is implying that Elissa doesn't like GM's accent or is calling her poor.


Lines of the Day

Amanda:I didn't get picked until the end, went up against my boyfriend who pretty much gave it to me and then I couldn't get one right. I SUCK!
Andy: She [Amanda] did suck at that.
Aaryn: Amanda, even if you don't win a thing, you're the mastermind of this house.
Helen (to Aaryn): You ARE Janelle. You're better than fucking Janelle!
Pretty much everyone on Twitter: #STFUHelen
me, on Twitter: Aaryn's won HOH four times, and chosen her own nominees zero times.

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