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head of the cheese

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posted Friday, 16 August 2013

Last night Helen tried to talk to Elissa about her comment about not wanting to sit next to Aaryn and GM, and Elissa threw a mini-fit saying she misses her family and her life, etc. She then threw out that if she gets evicted she'd just head home, not to jury. This sent Helen into a tailspin since Elissa's a guaranteed jury vote for Helen.

This incident gave Aaryn more mis-direct fodder to tell Helen that Elissa is her Top Target. Helen and Aaryn had a little chat where Aaryn explained that she had to nom Helen, almost as a favor to her. This way if she won the POV, she wouldn't be tempted to save Elissa, and she wouldn't be in a position of being asked to vote out her top ally. Aaryn assured Helen that there was no way she'd go out this week. If it's Helen vs. Elissa, Elissa goes. If one of the is vetoed Spencer goes up as the repl-nom and if it's Spencer vs. Helen, Spencer goes. If it's Spencer vs. Elissa, Aaryn says she wants Elissa to go but she'd understand if the house voted out Spencer.

Of course, this is all a lie. With the exception of GM, everyone is actually hoping to get Helen out. If it does end up that Helen wins the POV and Spencer goes up against Elissa, I'm not entirely sure what will happen. The best thing for our amusement would be for Elissa to win the POV, Spencer to go up against Helen and then for Helen to get the big ole karmic blindside and have to go out and compete against Judd, Jessie and Candice to get back in the game.

There was a nice, messy HHN comp and they all come back covered in paint splatter, cobwebs and other goo. And to top it off GM, Helen, Elissa and Amanda are the Have-Nots. And as most of us expected, America lovingly chose head cheese and habaneros as the alliterative additional foods. They are all completely disgusted by the head cheese, and most don't like the super spicy habaneros. They even asked DR if they could eat the leftover mung beans they complained about so bitterly last week. And were told no.

Sure enough, they come back from nomination trivia and it's Helen and Elissa on the block. Elissa apparently apologized to Helen, saying she knows it's her fault they're up. Now the weekly uber-annoying POV speculation has begun with all the strategizing about how to make sure that the "wrong person" doesn't win. For most of them it's simply about Helen not winning, but Andy really doesn't want to win it either. If he gets it he's sure Helen's going to be all over him to use it, and he doesn't have a good argument to not do it. [Personally, I think if he wins it he should use it on Elissa. They could still vote out Helen, and it would make the blindside that much more dramatic. He obviously could have a problem getting everyone else on board with it, but it's better than saving Helen.]

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