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have a harm

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posted Saturday, 17 August 2013

It was another late start for the veto, so they spent most of the day alternating between napping and parannoying. The only minor interruption was when they picked players. Naturally Andy, who doesn't want to win the POV, was picked. The other picked players were GM and Spencer.

The general consensus in the house is "anyone but Helen for the win." Helen still seems to believe that she's cast in the role of pawn this week, and that Elissa's the top target, followed by Spencer. Despite that I doubt she would throw the comp. She's a competitor, and she's going to want to win it for herself.

Elissa's still spouting the "I'll walk from jury" line, saying that she'll head home if evicted. I really wish she'd shut up about that. If she's not serious and this is some sort of strategy, it's simply annoying. And if she is serious, she's an ungrateful brat.

But they come back from trivialand and it's Elissa with the POV. She's perked up considerably, and I'm glad we don't have to listen to her threaten to walk all week. Helen's pretty excited, and I think this is great news for us. Everyone's probably going to lie to Helen and tell her she's safe, and she'll get hit with the Big Ole Blindside (©Judd) on Thursday. The comp was OTEV, and Andy got a black eye, adding him to a long list of OTEV harms (©BB6/7 James). In fact, the original harm line from James was in reference to the struggle with Janelle over an OTEV doll. Other Harms include Aaryn's thumb, Spencer's knee and an assortment of bruises.

In other news, Clownie has been having a rough time. He attempted to hang himself in the shower, but fortunately he was found soon enough to be resuscitated. Later he was spotted passed out on the floor next to a bottle of pills. A request was put in with the DR for him to see the shrink. Production responded simply, "Clownie, stop that!"

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