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loyalty lies

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posted Sunday, 18 August 2013

Helen finally caught on to the fact that she's not 100% safe this week. Amanda told Elissa that Helen's the target, and that if Elissa tries to save Helen, it will just put Elissa's own game in more jeopardy. Elissa didn't quite come right out and tell Helen what was going on, but she gave enough hints that Helen figured it out.

So Helen went into full on campaign mode and went to Aaryn to pitch a deal. It might seem odd to many to make a pitch to the one person who can't vote this week, but this season has been all about honoring the HOH's wishes, so if you look at it that way, it makes sense. This season is also all about puppeteering, and Aaryn is seen as controlling GM's vote, which Helen needs this week.

Helen makes her pitch to Aaryn, suggesting that the two of them team up along with GM and Elissa, to target the other pair, McCramanda. Helen says that she believes Amanda is trying to pit Helen/Elissa against GM/Aaryn. She's half right, in that Amanda has set Aaryn on Helen this week.

Aaryn brings up a lot of concerns about McCrae. She worries that McCrae is playing all sides, and points out that she's heard McCrae flat out lie to people, which makes her doubt anything he says to her. Helen is in a fake Final 3 alliance (she's the only one who doesn't know it's fake) with Andy and McCrae. If she's paying attention to what Aaryn's saying there's a chance Helen could clue into the fakeness, but I wouldn't count on it. The problem is that Helen, along with everyone else in the house, completely trusts Andy.

Helen is, of course, sure she has Elissa's vote to stay. She also believes she has Andy, and thinks if Aaryn endorses it, she has GM. Aaryn expressed a little hesitation about Andy, knowing that Andy is actually much more loyal to Amanda and 3AM. So Helen says, let's bring him in and see where his loyalty lies.

So Andy comes in and Helen asks for his loyalty, and he lies. He tells her that there's no doubt he'd vote to keep her. GM happens to wander in, and is told that Elissa and Andy are voting to keep Helen, and Aaryn is behind it, so will she support them? She says yes. But as soon as Helen is out of the room, Andy tells Aaryn that they need to stay with 3AM and she agrees. GM wasn't there for Andy's retraction, so when she later asks Aaryn, WTF?, Aaryn assures her that they're all lying to Helen, and she's still getting kicked on Thursday.

Bottom line, everyone is lying. There are alliances all over the place, both real and fake, to the extent that everyone feels like they have the loyalty of everyone else, even when knowing that they've lied themselves about being loyal.

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