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so close

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posted Monday, 19 August 2013

There was a brief moment of hope last night that Amanda could have been the replacement nominee. Aaryn and Amanda got into a fight, reliving the big Jeremy/who drank the wine fight from week 1. Helen seized the opportunity to jump in and point a finger at the Big Threat of McCramanda, and Aaryn did seem to be seriously considering it.

But in the end, it all got squashed and Spencer went up as The Pawn. Again. There's been some chatter about booting Spencer, but I really doubt anything will come of it. Andy is (foolishly, in my opinion) staying loyal to McCramanda. The one thing that has come out of all this is that everyone who is not McCramanda is starting to see that Andy can't be trusted.

They've started talking about a juror maybe coming back into the game. My guess is they've been asked questions in DR to get them thinking. McCrae hit the nail on the head, guessing that it will be a comp among the first 4 jurors to see who comes back. He also says that he thinks Judd will win any comp. We can only hope. The HGs have an unofficial agreement that they'll bounce right back out anyone who bounces in. If it is Judd, I'd love to see him automatically safe, by BB giving HOH to whoever wins the re-entry comp. I can't imagine they'll go that way, but a girl can dream.

We're taking our traditional light day Monday here at mybbpov. I'd be fine if they do nothing of interest today, and pick up the drama tomorrow tonight.

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