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love, helen

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posted Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Helen made the rounds last night and today, telling everyone how much she "legitimately" loves them and asking for their votes. Several of them are lying to her and saying she's got them. But Amanda's been totally upfront about the fact that she's going to vote Helen out, so Helen's pretty clear she's cooked.

Helen and Elissa did hatch a few plans to stir up trouble between Amanda and Aaryn, and another to convince everyone that Spencer's a HUGE THREAT to win at the end. They don't actually believe Spencer will win, but it's actually an interesting tactic. They point out that Judd liked him, Jessie enjoyed his attentions, Candice likes him because he was buds with "Howie", and a lot of people would give him props for surviving the block/pawn role so many times. Plus he's done decently in comps, and even won one.

Amanda and Elissa sat down for a chat that could lead to something. Not Helen staying, but something. First place, Amanda completely outed Andy's double-dealing, and I'm really hoping Elissa spills all to Helen and that causes a blow-up (as of this writing, all that's come of it is Elissa told Helen Andy's vote is more like 25/75 than the 50/50 Helen has been thinking). Secondly, when Amanda reported back to 3AM, Aaryn got upset that the convo only helped Amanda, and perhaps McCrae and not the whole group. Aaryn's starting to see how she's doing the dirty work and Amanda's totally the puppetmaster.


Lines of the Day

Helen: I feel like GM could get America's favorite player if she's edited right. I'm going to get America's most boring player.
Elissa: Jessie, Judd and Candice would have been so much more entertaining [than the current HGs].
Helen: The key to me staying would be getting Amanda.
Elissa: He [Spencer] has like the worst game in history, but we have to keep saying [that he's going to win in the end]
McCrae to Helen: You played a great game.
(me: Past tense, you're done, #STFUHelen)
Amanda: I'm totally throwing Andy under the bus, but he can't just sit there...[and get away clean]
Elissa: That's why we should get rid of Spencer.
Amanda: Helen sat here for 30 minutes & apologized to me.
(me: True. Most people take 30 seconds to say 'sorry' #STFUHelen takes much longer.)
Elissa: I don't know what made Helen think she has the right to speak for me.
Amanda: Every single person who left this house KNEW they were my target for that week.
(me: In other words, "vote for me in the end")

Line of the Season

Elissa: There's a difference between poor judgment and poor character.

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