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posted Wednesday, 21 August 2013

This season of BB has been remarkably hard to take. There are always crazy people, always the occasional highly offensive statement, likable people get booted, and boring ones float through longer than we'd like. But this year it's just been excessive. The rampant racism and other horrid behavior has certainly been a huge part of the problem, but for me a bigger issue is the utter predictability of each week.

I said early on when it looked like the Moving Company was going to run the board that I hate that kind of season. I was glad when the MC got moved out, but what we've had in its place has been just as dull. Each week Amanda decides on her target, gets the HOH to make nominations that best ensure that target go. Then they play POV and if the target is still in the cross-hairs, they're sure to go. If the target is safe, the next best target is popped into place. Even when the target is someone I want to see go (or at least don't mind seeing go), it's still no fun to have no drama.

This afternoon has brought a little bit of drama. Elissa made a last ditch kamikaze crazy attempt to save Helen. She went off a bit on Andy, telling him that if he didn't vote for Helen to stay, he'd be the next target. This sent Andy into a tizzy, ranting about how he felt "threatened" and he wasn't going to take it. Elissa got pissed, saying it's not a threat, just valid BB gameplay. She then told pretty much everyone in the house that they were scum. Helen's fate was sealed, but it was fun while it lasted.

Anyway, the best hope to save our show is the twist. Having one of the jurors come back throws a wrench into the well laid plans of those still in the house. For my money, of course, Judd is the best to come back. I have to admit, this is just because I liked him best not because he'll make the game the most interesting. He was fun to have on the feeds for sure, and that's important to me. But I am a little concerned that if he comes back he'll fall right back in with McCramanda, Aaryn and Andy, and we'll be in pretty much the same place we are now, game-wise.

On the other hand, if Helen bounces back in, it will be a game-changer. But Helen's as annoying as all get-out on the feeds. If Candice is the returnee, that will definitely bring a few minutes of drama, but I'm pretty sure she'll just be evicted straight out again, unless Elissa wins HOH. Jessie's my last choice to come back. I figure she'd also bounce straight back out, but without causing Aaryn/GM to crap their pants the way Candice would.

Regardless of who comes back, I'm rooting for Elissa to win HOH. I just think it would be entertaining. If Judd comes back in Amanda will probably want to put him straight back out. I'd be a little worried that Elissa would go along with it, but I'm hopeful that she'd just go after Aaryn/GM/Spencer.

So that's where we are at the moment. Helen's basically already evicted, but they have no idea about the returning juror. And no one can know who will win that comp. So by this time tomorrow I figure we'll either have a whole new show, or at least we'll know there's no hope left.

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