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it takes a lot of balls to win BB

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posted Thursday, 22 August 2013

So I totally got my dream scenario from BB tonight. Helen was evicted, Judd won the returning juror comp, and Elissa won HOH.

It is so great to have Judd back on the feeds, though we're hardly allowed to see him because BB sends us to the fish tank anytime any of them say the word 'jury' or mention anything outside the house (like the fact that Judd watched Shawshank Redemption--as if that's a state secret?!?).

There's lots of controversy about the comp. Some out here are saying Helen was pushed off her plank. I went back and carefully watched the moment she came off and you can see a production person behind the wall, but it does not appear that he touched her. Candice came off a moment later for no apparent reason, and left blowing kisses to Judd. Also, both Amanda and Elissa fell off their planks during the comp, but managed to hang on to the ball chute and not touch the ground. Spencer made a comment that escaped the fishies that the rules said they could "touch" the ball thing, but if they fell off they were out.

Fixed or not, Elissa won and that's great news for us. Now all the people who have been talking crap about her all season are tripping all over themselves to kiss her ass. And since most of them have no relationship with her, they have no idea what she's going to do. To really top it off, the person who was closest to her, Andy, has fallen from her graces after shanking Helen.

It sounds like Elissa's main target is Aaryn, though it's unclear who she's going to nom against her. Personally, I would love to see her put up McCramanda, even if it's just as a b-d Aaryn plan. I would also love for Thursday to be Aaryn vs. Amanda and for once the HGs would have to pick a side. Elissa did say no way she's putting up Judd, which is all I really care about. But she also initially said no way on GM, and then Andy/McCramanda seemed to talk her around to doing it. But the thing about Elissa is that you can't be really sure what she's going to do until she does it. {By the time I finished writing this it is sounding like the plan is Aaryn vs. McCrae...}

In other news, it's GM's 33rd birthday. She's having to wait until after midnight to eat because of being a HN, but they did get her cake ready and do the whole sing/candle blow-out thing when it was still technically her b-day.

There's been a fair amount of gametalk throughout the evening but I've missed a lot of it because I've been following Judd around like a lovesick puppy-dog. I admit it, I'm thrilled he's back.

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