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oh, sheet

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posted Friday, 23 August 2013

It seems likely that Elissa had her nominees all picked out before she was even close to catching that 10th tennis ball on the wall. Aaryn's her target, and McCrae goes up next to her to a.) help ensure that Aaryn doesn't win the POV and b.) to put McCramanda on notice. It seems likely if either nominee comes of the block, Amanda will be the repl-nom. Elissa has said she has a repl-nom in mind, but won't say exactly who it is. If by some miracle Amanda wins the veto and saves McCrae, Elissa will have to figure out who's the safest to ensure Aaryn goes, and my guess is she'd settle on Andy.

In alliance news, Judd and Elissa seem to have made a legit deal. They both see that McCramanda has been running everything, and Aaryn has been their willing puppet. They are also both on to Andy's double-dealing, but they're playing nice with him for the time being. Elissa's been cozying up to GM for the last day, and Judd had GM as his little pocket-pal for weeks before he left the first time. Judd's also feeling good about Spencer, and Elissa's willing to work with him, so that foursome has formed (unofficially).

JElissa became an actual thing with a handshake this afternoon. Elissa mentioned final 2, and Judd shook on it.

In housekeeping news, Judd has moved into the bed that McCramanda were camped out in two weeks ago. He found stains on the sheets and condom wrappers under the bed, and was quite disgusted. The house has been a disaster for weeks. I think it's the worst I've seen in all my years of livefeed watching. The only ones who ever really clean were Helen and Elissa, and Helen was the real force behind it, so expect it to just get worse from here on out.

And finally, in other news, they got the mid-size table.

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