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math is hard

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posted Wednesday, 14 August 2013

So here we are again on the eve of an eviction, on the edge of our seats in anticipation, no clue who's going to go, expecting drama and last-minute....oh, wait.

So, yeah. Jessie's toddling off to the jury house, or at possibly some rerun-in-waiting sequester. The DR's managed to get enough misdirection fodder that they'll be able to put together a nice little show for the TVOVs. But even Jessie's planned meltdown didn't happen. After a few hours of stirring things up mildly, she ended up apologizing to everyone. So, everything's pretty calm, and nothing's changed in Amanda's Plan for World Domination.

The only part of the Wednesday show worth anything was Elissa's explanation of how much she knows about math, plus her silly folding at the end of the comp. I'm honestly not sure if she's really that ditzy or if it's part of her act, but either way it's pretty funny. I can't imagine she wanted to win that veto, and folding for absolutely no reason was the best way to ensure she lost. And it secures her position as "not a threat."

The HGs are already on lockdown for HOH building. It's possible that we could get a traditional "hang on" endurance comp, which would likely be Elissa's to lose. Elissa winning HOH is about the only thing that could throw a wrench into Amanda's plans. I suppose Helen winning would do the same thing, but then we'd have to endure HOHelen again.

Today's screencaps are from the McCramanda Wedding, which did go off as planned last night. It wasn't horrible, though it was nothing next to the Brenchel Trashbag Wedding. Andy did just fine, but he was no Preacher Lawon. McCrae chose some incredibly inappropriate biblical quotations, including one about incest, and everyone was dressed in bedsheets, so the uncomfortable themes of BB15 rolled on.

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