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jessie's big surmise

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posted Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Just when I thought this week was going to be nothing but boring and predictable, Jessie figured out she was not in fact the perfect pawn, but rather the total target. I missed exactly what started it all, but Jessie somehow discovered that she doesn't have Helen and Elissa's votes, and went ballistic. [Update: I went back to the Flashbacks,and what started the whole thing was that Jessie found out that Helen was putting the whole Kill Amanda plan on Jessie, and not admitting any part in it. Later on Jessie overheard Helen explaining (i.e. YELLING) what had gone on, including all the lies she had told Jessie, and the fact that Andy had spilled Jessie's confidences. Part of this convo was the fact that they're all lying about Jessie staying in the house this week.]

Helen found herself directly in the line of fire and had to actually engage in an argument instead of just politicking behind the scenes. Jessie started outing all the double dealings that Helen's been up to, focusing most directly on Helen's involvement in the Kill Amanda plan from last week. Helen naturally denied, denied, denied, but since McCramanda already knew Helen was after them from Andy-TwoFace, it doesn't really matter.

Jessie has openly declared war on pretty much the entire house. She told GM how much Aaryn talks crap behind GM's back, and by simply mentioning this fact to Aaryn, GM started a nice little tiff between them. Other than that, Jessie hasn't had a whole lot of success. She's tried baiting Elissa by calling her "Rachel's Shadow" but has only gotten smirky smiles in return. She's tried telling Amanda that everyone's out to get her, but that's a.) not news and b.) not an issue at the moment.

Jessie also has told several people that she realizes that Andy's been lying to her since the moment the HOH was hung around his neck, but to his face she's still saying she believes he's got her back and she's still loyal to him. Andy was a bit upset for a minute that someone might actually be mad at him, but he eventually seemed to accept that she was still buying his act and/or realize that he doesn't care what she thinks.

As I predicted McCramanda didn't go through with the wedding last night. They've threatened it again for tonight, but who knows. If it does happen, and Jessie continues on her warpath, it could be somewhat entertaining. (Update: The wedding's a-go. They've thrown out a towel aisle and Amanda's wrapped in a bed sheet. Spencer is predicting Jessie will "crash" the wedding, to which McCrae responded he hopes so and bring on the booze. It's definitely shotgun preparations compared to the trashbag wedding, but if Hurricane Jessie roars through, it could be worth it.)

At one point last night a bunch of them were talking about how the DR was trying to get them to talk about things that "aren't happening" to give them story material. I can't help wondering if that's where Jessie's Surmise came from. It's still pretty much a sure thing that she'll go on Thursday. But at least this way there's some drama as she heads to the door.

Lines of the Day

Helen: She complained that I haven't been paying attention to her? I was busy. I had things to do, I had to take a nap, I'm a Have Not.
Jessie: Andy, do you want to take a picture of me sitting here by Rachel's Shadow?
Amanda: Fuck it, McCrae, let's just get married tonight.
McCrae: >groan<

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